Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review Plinko is a game of chance that is almost universally beloved. Who doesn’t feel a rush of excitement as their puck plops its way down the board? Many online crypto casinos now offer virtual and live plinko gambling games that bettors can play from anywhere. In this guide, we’ll review the five best plinko gambling sites for 2023 and highlight the best Bitcoin bonuses for playing the plinko casino games.

Plinko Game Review
Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review Plinko has been designed to be the most user-friendly “advance betting game” suitable for all players. It is curated with mathematical strategies to deliver an inevitable adrenaline rush every single time! Plinko consists of a pegged pyramid and 4 different colours of balls. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. Here, you have to let go of a ball of your choice from the topmost point of the pegged pyramid and wait for it to prance its way to the bottom. At the bottom, there will be different payout amounts for each colour.


Plinko Game Review


Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review Once the ball of your choice drops, it is expected to fall into one of the slots at the bottom, determining its payout amount. The excitement builds up when the ball is dropped from the top. Although Plinko is a game initially created in the 1980s for a show, it has gradually emerged as a widely known casino game. And now, the game’s simplicity has collected many hearts worldwide, especially in Japan.


Before players drop the ball down the pyramid, they must set the amount to bet according to their preference and select the ball colour they want to play with. You can choose the colour of your ball at the top of the Pyramid section. And set your credits using Min and Max buttons at the bottom section of the pyramid. Players must remember that each of the balls comes with its own set of multipliers.

Plinko Game Review The payout amount will vary depending on the colours of the balls. After you set up the numbers and colours as per your choice, hit the “Drop” button. As soon as you press Drop, the ball will start to bounce its way towards the bottom, falling into a slot that corresponds to a payout amount. Each slot corresponds to a vast range of payouts (From 1100x payout to 0.4x return).


Plinko Game Review – What is Plinko?

Plinko Game Review Plinko is a game of chance invented by the game show The Price is Right. It was first introduced in the 1980s and has since become immensely popular.

What is Plinko?

In plinko, a player drops a circular puck into a vertical board that consists of a series of pins. These pins bounce the puck around as it falls, making it difficult to know where it will land. At the bottom of the board are slots labelled with different money values. Wherever the puck lands, that’s the amount that the player will win.

In casino plinko, the slots are usually labelled with multipliers that apply to a player’s wager. Multipliers are more significant than 1 win the player money, while multipliers less than 1 loose money. So, players hope the puck ends up in a slot with a value greater than 1.

Plinko Game Review Knowing where it will land is impossible with so much bouncing. There’s not much strategy to plinko, but it can be a lot of fun to watch the puck bounce its way down and to anticipate where it will go. Play the Plinko Game at BCGAME today!

Payout Range and Possibilities: As mentioned above, every payout will depend strictly on the colour of your chosen ball and the slot it will fall into. Regarding auto betting, a loss is defined when any payout under 1 occurs. In contrast, a win is declared for any payout over 1. If the payout result is 1, it is considered neither a win nor a loss.

It so doesn’t fall under any particular category. Look at the table below for a better understanding of the payout possibilities! Remember that the slots at the edge of the pyramid hold a lower chance of hitting while the payouts are unbelievably huge!


The Plinko Game By SPRIBE

Plinko Game Review Plinko is a simple wagering game from developer Spribe that originated from the popular American TV show “The Price is Right”. The concept is utterly simple – players throw balls from the top of the board of pins, and in which box the ball eventually lands, awards the corresponding bet multiplier prize, up to 555x the stake.

Originating from a famous American game show, this simple but exciting game found a new life in cryptocurrency casinos and now becomes hot in online casinos.

Plinko Game By SPRIBE
Plinko Game Review – Play at Kryptosino Casino!

Game is simple: when pressing one of 3 coloured buttons, the corresponding disc falls from the top of the board, is deflected by pegs and lands on one of the bottom coefficients – a multiplier of the bet.

Players can adjust the number of pins and, therefore difficulty level of the game. The game also provides an autoplay option where players can customize various settings.

Plinko Game Review Rain Promo: This unique promo feature adds the amount of free bets into chat at random times. Any player can claim these free bets by tapping on the “claim” button. This is a promo feature with the goal of increasing chat interaction and player time in the game.


The Plinko Game By BGaming

Plinko Game Review – Plinko is an online slot developed by BGaming with features including risk level, autoplay, line selection and provability. This slot is based on a popular TV game with variable volatility and an RTP of 99%.

If you are used to playing online slots, the Plinko demo experience is different. Originally a pricing game on the game show The Price is Right, Plinko is a game of pure chance with Plinko pegs on the board, causing chips to ricochet around at random. This gameplay is replicated here.

Plinko By BGaming

Plinko Game Review – Instead of chips, a pink ball will drop from the top of the Plinko board to a number of slots at the bottom with different payouts, ranging from low in the centre to high at the outer edges.

The value reflects the probability of landing the Plinko ball in the slot. You can play between 8 and 16 lines with various betting options to suit casual players and risk-takers.

Plinko Game Review – You can try the Plinko game for fun using free play BGaming slots or dive right in with real money plays. One exciting facet of BGaming’s offer is the provability fairness feature. This enables players to verify that every game is unbiased and random.

If you are looking for a break from gorgeous graphics, superb soundtracks and complex gameplay, Plinko could be just the antidote you need. Super simple yet strangely compelling, this game of chance is easy to play and lose if you opt for the high-risk drops.


Play The Plinko Game At Kryptosino Casino

Plinko Game Review Kryptosino Casino is a wager-free online casino developed by Versus Odds B.V. and opened for the public in 2022. This is Crypto focused gambling website with thousands of games supported and numerous bonuses available – including huge VIP perks for loyal players! The brand is operating under the regulation from the official authorities of Curacao Island. Therefore it has tens of secure payment methods integrated.

Kryptosino Casino Review & The Mobile Casino

Kryptosino is a licensed online gambling site with a range of different games for players to choose from. If you love to spin the reels on some of the most entertaining slots, take part in immersive live dealer games or sit back and enjoy a few rounds of video poker, you’ll find that and so much more as a member of this casino.

Plinko Game Review Because Kryptosino is considered one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites, it probably comes as no surprise that you’ll be able to make quick and easy transactions using any of the 10+ accepted cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Tether, and Litecoin. You’ll find a rewarding loyalty program, an exclusive VIP club, and bonuses, some of which don’t have wagering requirements. Thanks to all of this, you’ll get to stay entertained and have loads of opportunities to keep the rewards rolling in.

Plinko Game Review As we went through the different features of this site during our Kryptosino review, we found that there are loads of other casino games on offer, a variety of accepted cryptos and a generous welcome bonus for new players. Below you’ll find more information about what you can expect at this casino.


How to Play Plinko Game Online with Crypto

Plinko Game Review – Playing a plinko game online with real money is incredibly simple. Players need to choose how much they want to bet on each drop of the puck, then hit go.

In most cases, the multiplier values of the slots at the bottom of the board are already set and players don’t have any control over them. However, players may be able to choose where the puck is dropped from at the top of the board. While it rarely falls in a straight line, it usually doesn’t stray too far from where it’s dropped.

BC Game Casino Review & The Mobile Casino

In some online versions of plinko, players can choose how many rows of pegs are on the board.

This usually changes the multipliers at the bottom of the board, giving players bigger payouts when they win.

After all, with more pegs, it’s harder to guess where the puck will end up.

Plinko Bitcoin Bonuses: Many of the best plinko casino game sites offer bonuses for new and returning players who make crypto deposits. These bonuses are usually available for any accepted cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin.

Bonus offers can be worth a significant amount of money, so it’s important to understand how they work. We’ll explain the 4 main types of plinko casino bonuses and compare the bonus offers from the 11 best plinko gambling sites.

Deposit Match Bonuses: Deposit match bonuses are the most common type of bonus offered by plinko casino game sites. With a deposit bonus, a player's bonus is directly tied to the amount they deposit.

Take BC.Game’s 270% deposit match bonus up to $20,000, which the casino offers for a player’s first deposit. Players who deposit $1,000 will receive $2,700 in bonus cash. To receive the maximum $20,000 bonus, they must deposit $7,400 in crypto.


Plinko Game Review FAQ

What is plinko betting?

Plinko is a game of chance in which players drop a puck through a slotted board and can earn money depending on where it lands. A number of online casinos offer plinko, including Kryptosino and BC.Game.

How can I bet on plinko?

Bettors can now play plinko at home through a variety of online casinos. We recommend Kryptosino and BC.Game as the best online casinos to play plinko.

Can I play plinko for free?

Some online casinos offer a demo version of plinko that players can try for free. Plinko is a gambling game and players can also play for real money at casinos like Kryptosino and BC.Game.

What is the RTP of Plinko?

This slot offers players 99 per cent RTP. Since this isn't a Plinko slot game, you'll looking at a lot higher of a payout percentage than in most free slots.

What is the biggest win available in Plinko?

The biggest win available in the Plinko casino game is 1,000x. This is incredibly generous for an instant win game, as most similar games have max wins worth 100x or less.

Can I play Plinko for real money?

You can play Plinko for real money at any casino powered by BGaming software.