Play The JetX Arcade Game

Play The JetX Arcade Game Do you want to find out which casino has the JetX game that has the best overall experience and also appealing for its other features? Our in-depth review of how to Play The JetX Arcade Game provides information on everything from security, games, anonymity, and even the overall bonuses available on the platform.

Play The JetX Arcade Game
Play The JetX Arcade Game

Play The JetX Arcade Game If you are a regular at online casinos, you may have seen the words Jetx game or Aviator game. Still, if you have never heard of and are not familiar with this new game – a superfast game with low stakes and truly attractive prizes, we have for you the essential information about the rocket game that has revolutionized the industry and is increasingly conquering Brazilian players and beyond.

Play The JetX Arcade Game Anyone who enjoyed playing retros from providers like Nintendo or Atari will appreciate the classic appearance of this new slot game. The JetX Game is a simple game to play yet rewarding. You can easily play it while having meals, hanging out with friends, or even when bored. It doesn’t need so much attention as no complex strategies are required to make money.

Play The JetX Arcade Game The game is straightforward. It’s a lot like the Aviator crash game. The player may select whatever amount he wishes for his winning goal, up to 999.999x his wager. A spaceship rises into the air at a speed of 1 per second, either exponentially or catastrophically. The pilot will designate an altitude at which he plans to eject. If the pilot flies above that height before the spaceship detonates, he will win both the product of his bet and the height where he ejected.


Top 5 Casinos To Play The JetX Arcade Game


Top 5 Casinos To Play The JetX Arcade Game

Play The JetX Arcade Game Why is Jetx betting so popular?

There are many criteria to explain the game's popularity. Bet Jetx quickly became the favourite game of some casino players. The social aspect can explain this phenomenon: being a multiplayer game, it allows users to chat and socialize with each other through online chat. And, even though there are many players in each round, the bets and decisions of one player do not interfere with the bets of the other. 

Play The JetX Arcade Game Live betting also helps explain the popularity. The player is betting the moment before the action (the rocket launch) and must live and withdraw the bet. This concept of live betting seems to attract more players, following the example of casinos with live dealers.

Speed and low stakes are other factors that explain the popularity of jetx betting. With low bets, making the game accessible to any wallet, and with the action centred in seconds, the speed with which everything happens seems to please the most hurried players.

Finally, mobile optimization explains why the jetx bet is so popular. Allowing one to play on desktop or mobile, with the same quality and without blocking at crucial moments, the jetx game keeps up with the user.


What is The JetX Game & How To Play The JetX Arcade Game?

Play The JetX Arcade Game The JetX game looks nothing close to regular slot games. It’s a high-resolution graphic interface with a random number generator (RNG) that influences the outcome every time you play. Gamers place their bets on the lifetime of a pixelated jet flying to higher heights until it crashes. As long as this jet is rising, your potential earnings will increase according to the random multiplier for that round.

To earn, you must bet and get out before the jet explodes. No one knows when it will explode, though. This is the exciting bit. So your goal is to get in and exit your bet while you’re still earning.

There’s a lot of gut feeling involved, so if luck resides in you, then this is a chance to make money. Released on the market in January 2019, Smartsoft Gaming’s Jetx rocket game has revolutionised the luck and chance gaming industry.

Some consider the game a slot machine, but it is much more than that: jetx is a mini-arcade game, in multiplayer mode and live betting, with a multiplier, a super fast round and a high win possibility. With no elaborate rules, jetx is considered a new game genre, mixing a hefty dose of luck and a small dose of strategy in a fun, simple and fast game.

The game, set against a backdrop of sky and stars, has a rocket launch into space. A multiplier accompanies the rocket launch. The higher the rocket goes up, the bigger the multiplier. The prize corresponds to the amount of the bet times the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. But beware: the player must withdraw the bet before the rocket explodes! If the rocket crashes, the player will lose everything (bet and multiplier).


Play The JetX Arcade Game The JetX Game Features

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Theme

Players will immediately notice vintage, old-school vibes when they begin their JetX gaming sessions. The game’s retro appearance sets it apart and makes it appealing. Players see pixelated aircraft as they fly across the screen during their gaming sessions. The background of the game is simple, with black and grey clouds.


Players may also win their money by pressing the collect button while the aircraft flies, increase their bets and quit the game at any time. The game also shows all players’ wagers, history, and overall winning and losing tallies.

The game’s theme resembles a pixelated airfield where the jet continues to climb; it includes a type of space and galactic sounds that make the game enjoyable. However, the graphics resemble an arcade game as JetX retains the 90s melancholy with its 8-bit graphics and sound acoustics.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Special Symbols

The only symbol worth knowing in JetX is the jet and the Boom symbol, which shows that you’ve either lost your bet or cashed out in time. There are no special symbols like on traditional slot games since JetX is similar to crash gaming rather than reel-type slots.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Payable Instructions

You won’t find any paytable on JetX aside from the information section, where you’re shown how the multiplier on the screen can indicate your wins- if you cash out in time.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Auto-withdraw or manual withdraw

You have two choices when it comes to cashouts. You can either do it manually whenever you feel like it or use the auto-withdraw setting. You may set a goal multiplier at which you will automatically exit the current round with this option. Of course, if the plane crashes before this stated multiplier, you lose your money. It’s also possible to withdraw manually after enabling auto-withdraw. This is why some gamers employ mid to high multipliers, such as 20-30, and withdraw manually before reaching this point if they believe the aircraft is about to crash.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – One Bet or Two Bets

This is one of the features of the jetx game that the player should consider. In the lower panel, the player will see two betting fields. That is, he can place only one bet of a particular value and validate, or he can place two bets of equal value or different value and validate.

What is the advantage of the double bet? The player can easily withdraw the first bet when the multiplier is already attractive enough and take his chances on the second bet, letting the rocket rise some more. Thus, in the double bet, the player is, in theory, doubling his chances of winning. Still, the flip side of the coin corresponds to a higher loss if he does not withdraw any of the bets before the rocket explodes.


How To Play The JetX Arcade Game Online?

Play The JetX Arcade Game Paying JetX is as easy as pie. First, you need to determine the amount that you want to risk. Place your bet as the jet goes up, and watch it. Your earnings will accumulate as the plane keeps rising. If you don’t get out before it crashes, you’ll lose. That’s not our goal, so don’t give greed a chance. Once your instincts tell you to jump out, do it. 

Your reward will be the amount you wagered times the multiplier displayed, a function of the height the plane had achieved when you exited. That easy. We have already mentioned that the game is straightforward and fast. To Play The JetX Arcade Game online, the player only has to go through three steps:

  • Place the bet
  • Determine the bet amount and validate
  • The game starts
  • The rocket is launched & the multiplier is displayed next to the device
  • Withdraw the bet
  • The player must withdraw the bet before the rocket explodes

Play The JetX Arcade Game In two clicks (bet and withdrawal), the rocket is launched in milliseconds, explodes, and the game restarts. If the player withdraws the bet before the rocket explodes, he receives a prize corresponding to the value of the bet times the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. Otherwise, the player loses the round. Games like jet x are increasingly popular on the Internet.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Main Rules of the JetX Game

The popularity of the jetx bet game is very much linked to its simplicity. That is, there are no complicated rules or instructions for playing. There may be some strategies, but then we are discussing another subject (which we will cover next).


As for the rules, the game has two simple directions:

  • Place and validate the bet.
  • Withdraw the bet.

These two basic pointers help explain the speed of the game. A round can last only a few seconds between the bet, the rocket launch, and the draw.

It is crucial at this stage to confirm that although many players participate in the game – it is a game with live betting – each of one player’s bets is independent of the other’s bets and do not relate to or interfere with each other. 

The game starts when the bets are given as closed and ends when the rocket explodes. A new round begins, with bets being placed, bets being closed, and the rocket is launched.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – How to make money with JetX?

Because it is a very fast game, jets allows the player to win a lot of money in a short time. However, the reverse is also true: the player can lose a lot of money in a short time.

Thus, if one wants to make money with jetx betting, the player must be cautious. Ambition can annihilate the chances of winning. It is better for the player to place lower bets and withdraw the bet early, than to place high bets and let the rocket rise too high and explode. Making money at jetx is a matter of luck and intuition: when to withdraw the bet? The player can check the game statistics, to see the trend of the last few rounds, but still, the next round remains an unknown.Another possibility to win money in jetx is to win one of the game’s jackpots.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – The JetX Jackpot

The bonus round in JetX is also exciting. It’s a three-level jackpot feature that adds even more interest to the game. What are the chances of winning these jackpots? The plane will fly through three levels while progressing: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. Each of these levels has its unique jackpot. If the jackpot is won, you will get your proportion of the pool. When we talk about Jetix jackpot bets, we refer to three incredible jackpots. They do not appear on every turn and are quite random. They come in three different levels:

  • Planet, on level 1
  • Galaxy, level 2
  • Space, at level 3

Players who draw their bets with low multipliers will never reach these levels. More adventurous bettors, who let the rocket keep going higher, even after the multiplier already matches a high win, can reach any of these levels. As it flies higher, the rocket can reach level 3 and a super-high jackpot, but you have to master your nerves not to withdraw the bet on any of the previous levels, which already correspond to attractive jackpots. The jackpot amount is divided by the players who reach any level with their rockets before withdrawing the bet.


Play The JetX Arcade Game On Mobile

Play The JetX Arcade Game – Play from anywhere: the mobile version – The game is compatible with PC and mobile devices; however, no application can be downloaded for iOS and Android play. JetX is developed on HTML5, which can be accessed from any browser. The JetX mobile app is the finest casino software available. You may play your preferred casino games and place bets on sports at any time or place with this outstanding mobile program!

The innovative application, which allows players to get lost in the thrilling world of the JetX bet game: control the plane and win anywhere, brings it all to life. Now, install the mobile app on your smartphone and sit back while flying towards victory in the Jetx betting game!


Fortunately, nothing changes when playing on mobile, only the size of the plane; however, you’ll still be able to wager easily, see the multiplayer, and know when to cash out your bets.

One way to explain Jetx’s popularity is its mobile version. The game is completely optimized to work on cell phones and tablets. So if you play on a cell phone, the game experience will be the same as on the desktop or mobile site.

The scenario and controls are adapted to the smaller screens. Being a multiplayer game, jetx allows players to exchange impressions and talk about the game via chat. This feature is still present in the mobile version, even though it can make the game challenging to view.


Applying the Martingale When Play The JetX Arcade Game

Play The JetX Arcade Game Applying the Martingale – The last technique we will present to you is well-known by many casino players and dangerous for various reasons. The Martingale technique starts with a small bet and doubles it at every lost bet. Bet €1, lose, bet €2, lose, bet €4, lose, bet €8, win. You have placed €15 in bets and won €16 on your last round. This is a profit of €1.

This technique can be hazardous if you don’t have a big bankroll. Let’s see why.

Play The JetX Arcade Game – The limits of the Martingale

Martingale is a very risky technique for various reasons. The first one is that most casinos clearly announce it is forbidden on their terms & conditions. The second one is that you need a pretty big bankroll to adopt this play style without going bankrupt in case of an unlucky run.

Why? Because even when starting with a first bet of €1, in only 9 lost bets in a row, you will have to bet €512: €1 – €2 – €4 – €8 – €16 – €32 – €64 – €128 – €256 and finally €512. If you want to try the Martingale on JetX, we advise you to start with even smaller bets such as 0.2€ or 0.4€.


Play The JetX Arcade Game Final Words & Verdict

Play The JetX Arcade Game We found the JetX game to be creative and more exciting than traditional slot games. Player control over wins and losses stood out significantly during our review. The independence of jumping out of the jet or waiting for an extra five seconds to increase your win makes the game interactive and fun. We hope the rising popularity of Jet X will provoke more game developers to produce more easy-to-play yet engaging play-to-earn games.

As we have seen many factors contribute to the success of jet x in online casinos and specialized sites. The fact that it is a new game, with live betting, super fast and straightforward, contributes to its popularity with players.

Play The JetX Arcade Game

The player’s role is only to place and withdraw the bet. Everything else is a matter of chance. The player can guarantee real money winnings by using specific strategies, such as automatic mode or double betting.

Still, it is essential not to forget the game's randomness. A new game can be completely different even by consulting the statistics and checking the rocket’s behaviour in previous rounds. So much so, it is impossible to say what this game's return to player (RTP) is.

The key points are speed – which allows you to win (or lose) a lot of money, and simplicity – the player only has to pay attention to the multiplier. Adrenaline and suspense are guaranteed in the Jetx game.


Play The JetX Arcade Game FAQ

Can I really win on Jet X?

Yes. SmartSoft Gaming has released amazing play-to-earn games that have made some people rich. You could easily win more than your monthly salary if luck and strategy are on your side. Remember to gamble responsibly.

How to play JetX?

Stop the JetX casino model before it reaches its inevitable explosion and win by a factor displayed on the screen (which grows all the time). If an aircraft ignites, you must repeat your wager.

Can I play Jet X for free?

Unfortunately, Jet X does not have a trial or free play. You must invest real money to play and start winning.

Is it safe to play Jet X?

Yes, playing Jet X on any casino or in the demo version is safe.

What is the bet range for the Jet X slot?

You can bet between $0.1 and $600

Does the Jet X slot have an Autoplay feature?

The game doesn’t have an Autoplay mode, just an auto bet and auto cashout feature, which you must enable.

How much can I win at the Jet X Game?

There is no real max win, as theoretically, the plane can keep going without exploding.