Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Fan of retro games such as Atari or Commodore? Here's to you, JetX. It is an innovative arcade-like online game designed by Smartsoft Gaming. This atypical slot machine takes you back to the 80s with its 2D visuals. Access it from 0.10€/$ up to 600€/$ maximum bet.

JetX offers a Random Number Generator (RNG) that determines the outcome of each spin. In this simple online game, bet how far the pixelated jet plane can fly before it takes off. The higher the jet reaches, the higher the multiplier applied to your winnings.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos
Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – In JetX, you win or lose. The goal is to predict how high the powered plane will explode. But before you start your session, place your bet first. On this arcade game from Smartsoft Gaming, the betting range is between 0.10€/$ up to 600€/$, which should certainly appeal to all gamers, no matter their budget.

Hundreds of thousands of people bet on the same plane at the same time during a game round. Other players win money as the round goes on. Will your decisions have an impact on you?


Play JetX On The Top Casinos


Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – While having fun on JetX, remember that you never play alone. Indeed, during your game, notice several parachutes coming out of the plane. It is other players who eject themselves from the device, that is to say, those who have cashed in their winnings.

Here are some of the best online casinos that offer the Jet-X game. As you can see, the bonuses offered are many and varied, so don't hesitate to take advantage of them! With these bonuses, you'll have a much better chance of winning big and becoming the next Jet-X Game champion! Good luck!

Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – JetX is not a slot machine but an arcade game and a betting game simultaneously. The object is to bet and cash out the multiplier before the plane explodes. Each blow is a plane taking off. As it rises in the air, the multiplier increases. You have the choice to validate your gain at any time, but you must do it before the explosion to collect winnings.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Jetx Regal is one of the new casino games created in 2019 by SmartSoft, which already fascinates the crowds. Check out our investigation of this rocket game by our online casino experts.

The decryption of Jetx Regal Casino for you. This game, available on the online casino Play Regal invites you to bet on the exact moment of a rocket's crash to win money.

It is a straightforward real-money entertainment that appeals to many players. You don't need to learn the complicated rules of poker, blackjack or baccarat to be successful. The famous money rocket game is even easier than online roulette!


What Is The JetX Multiplier Game?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Start the game by betting on the course of a plane. Jump before it crashes and win your bet X the multiplier displayed at that moment. The bigger you bet, the more likely you will walk away with big winnings.

With JetX, you earn money while having fun. It is far from strategy games such as poker, for example. This is more of a leisure game, although winning large sums of money is quite possible. Access the jackpot by reaching the last of the three levels offered in the online game, and proceed to the cashier at each level exceeded.

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Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Of course, you have no information about when the plane will crash. Everything is random. Moreover, it is impossible to cheat in this game under the penalty of being unmasked by the JetX algorithm. However, there are tricks to maximize your chances of winning. Stay a few more minutes, and we'll talk about it!!

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – We are at the heart of the matter! To play JetX, you must start by launching the game. Then, place an initial bet before the yellow loading bar fills up. The principle to win is simple: by clicking on the big “Collect” button, you must eject your pilot from the aircraft before it explodes. In this case, the plane crash means a loss of your initial bet.

But if you manage to extricate your pilot from the Jet, you will be rewarded with a payment equivalent to your bet multiplied by the coefficient displayed on the screen at the time of the ejection.


How To Play The JetX Game?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – In Jet X, a new jet takes off almost every 15 seconds without stopping. You can log into the game interface anytime to try your luck. To do this, you must place an initial bet before takeoff using the buttons at the bottom of the interface. Set the amount you want to bet and confirm before the jet takes off.

Play JetX Game
Play JetX On The Top Casinos

All you have to do is click on the “Collect” button at the right time to collect the maximum amount of money before the plane explodes. Your success in this game, therefore, depends on when you decide to withdraw from the game.

If you withdraw too late, you lose all the money you have wagered. On the other hand, if you jump out of the plane too soon, you'll feel like you've missed a big win, significantly if the jet rises very high before exploding.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Another peculiarity of Jet X is that the game can accommodate many players simultaneously. During games, you can see the bets made by other players on the right side of the interface. Even better, you can also see when others are leaving the plane. This can influence your game. You can follow the crowd, copy other players' strategies, or stay focused on your game.

To learn how to play the JetX game, you must first know the basic principles of the game. While playing JetX, you can bet once or several times per spin, trying to anticipate which multiplier the plane will destroy. The longer the plane flies with a high multiplier, the greater your potential gain. You can bet from 0.10€/$ up to 600€/$ on each spin. Even with a multiplier of 1.00, it has the potential to fail catastrophically at any time (1 to infinity).

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – The game's objective is to earn money before the plane goes up in flames. If your bet fails, it is lost. Are you a player who wants to take risks and hit those big multipliers, or are you a safe player who cashes in early?


Is There A Strategy In The JetX Game?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Auto-Cashout

The first tip for winning when playing JetX is always to activate the Auto-Cashout or Auto-Collect option. This button is located at the level of the game's control panel, which allows the pilot to be ejected automatically once the configured multiplier is reached. If we tell you about this function, it is because it can and must be used in conjunction with the double bet, which is the fact of playing with a double bet, as we have previously explained.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Martingale

The martingale is a game technique that we no longer present to roulette fans and has proven its worth. However, to use it, you must have a large bankroll. The principle of the martingale is to double the previous bet after each loss. On the winning game round, you will get all your lost money back and even make a small extra profit. With JetX, a good application of the martingale involves choosing a particular multiplier coefficient to collect your winnings. Note that with this strategy, it is essential, after a gain, to return to the starting bet.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Reverse Martingale

The reverse martingale, also called the Paroli system, is a well-known gaming strategy many online casino players use. It can be used on JetX to increase your chances of winning. Unlike the classic martingale, the so-called Paroli technique has the principle of increasing its bet following a win. To avoid losing big, you need to set a betting limit and return to the original bet as soon as you reach it. It would be best if you also chose a multiplier to collect your winnings for a successful reverse martingale.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – RTP and volatility – There is no information available on the RTP or volatility of Jet X, simply because of its unique gameplay. Either you cash out quickly and earn little, or you keep waiting and lose all your winnings. The game is charming and simple, but it's up to you whether you win big or not. We highly recommend it!


The JetX Martingale Strategy

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Martingale strategy is a betting system used in gambling where the bettor doubles their bet after every loss, hoping that a win will recover all previous losses and result in a profit. The theory behind the strategy is that the likelihood of winning an even-money bet is greater than 50%.

The JetX Martingale Strategy

Eventually, the bettor will win, thus recouping all losses and making a profit equal to the original bet. However, this strategy can lead to a potentially unlimited amount of losses. It may not be a sustainable long-term strategy as the odds of losing multiple consecutive bets is always present.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – The Martingale strategy works by having the bettor double their bet after each loss, with the idea that a win will eventually occur and recover all previous losses, as well as a result in a profit equal to the original bet amount.

For example, if the bettor starts with a 10€/$ bet and loses, their next bet would be 20€/$. If they lose again, the next bet would be 40€/$, and so on. When a win finally occurs, the bettor will have recouped all previous losses and made a profit equal to the original bet amount (10€/$ in this case).

However, this strategy can result in potentially unlimited losses and may not be sustainable long-term, as the odds of losing multiple consecutive bets are always present. Additionally, the strategy often requires a large bankroll to support the increasing bet size and withstand losing streaks.


What Is SmartSoft Gaming?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – SmartSoft Gaming is a Tbilisi-based game developer producing a range of innovative casino games that can be integrated through SoftGamings’ unified API. SmartSoft Gaming is a game development studio that hit the iGaming scene in April 2015 due to an idea by three experienced software developers from Tbilisi, Georgia. Since then, the company has grown to employ over 80 individuals and is now led by a team of professionals with 20+ years of experience in the world of gaming.

What Is SmartSoft Gaming?

What separates SmartSoft Gaming from other operators is its incredibly diverse portfolio of games. The company is known for developing high-quality Slots, Classic Casino games, Keno and a particular category of games dubbed X-games, with plenty of gamification features.

JetX, the company’s breakout hit, is a prime example of the X-games series. Its third instalment is a testament to the ongoing success of SmartSoft Gaming and its solutions.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – SmartSoft Gaming is a company that provides software solutions for the online gambling industry. They specialize in developing and delivering online casino games and other related products such as sports betting platforms and virtual sports games. The company is known for its high-quality graphics, user-friendly interface, and innovative gaming content. SmartSoft Gaming works with some of the largest operators in the online gambling industry to provide engaging and entertaining experiences for their players.


The JetX Game Rules

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – JetX is an interesting instant game of chance, although it is somewhat repetitive for us. Its advantages are simple, it is available on mobile, and it potentially allows you to make quick gains. It will particularly appeal to players who like to take risks and expect big multipliers, but it can also be interesting for those who try strategies like online roulette.

The basic idea of ​​JetX is that you have to predict the flight time of the plane, and it adds to your total multiplier as it increases. In other words, you must decide on a bet that suits you and watch the device gradually multiply.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – The catch is that if you don't have time to eject the pilot and collect your winnings before the plane explodes, your bet will be unsuccessful. For example, if you join a new game round with a bet of €10 and get your money back when the plane reaches a multiplier of x7.4, your winnings will be €74.

Unlike most traditional game projects where you control the entire game, JetX relies on real-time gameplay. This means that the “money” plan will start and kick in every spin, whether you have time to place your bet or not.

JetX Game

The game's winning potential is limited to €30,000 and an RTP of 97%. However, many advanced players claim this draft is geared more towards multiple small wins. 

Thanks to the automated betting and withdrawal functions, when you reach a specific multiplier, you can participate in all game rounds and rack up big wins at the expense of smaller wins.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – For example, many French players prefer to “eject” from the plan when it reaches x1.5 or x2 multipliers. This approach involves longer play sessions but is more likely to give them a profit after each plane crash.


What is the difference between JetX and JetX3?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Do you know JetX3? Have you ever played it? If not, we inform you that this is the second instalment of the developer SmartSoft Gaming in the category “Crash games”. There are fundamental differences between this new version and the original creation, JetX. Having taken a long time to see the light of day, JetX3 has been optimized vis-à-vis JetX.

One of the notable improvements is the design which is much more successful and attractive, giving the impression of being in a video game. In terms of gameplay, there have also been some changes. Indeed, rather than a plane, you can choose from three fighters to bet on.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos

Are you yearning for an adventure through space? If so, Smartsoft Gaming has the perfect game for you JetX3. Not only does this internet game have a unique style with animated spacecraft, but Smartsoft Gaming also publishes it.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – What is JetX 3?

JetX 3, the official sequel to JetX, is the groundbreaking crash game from online game provider SmartSoft Gaming. Released in 2019, JetX is a slot machine and an arcade game. Indeed, although this type of game is officially classified as a slot machine for its algorithm and mathematical scheme, it is nothing like the usual slots.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – 2 years after the incredible success of JetX, the crash game that revolutionized the online casino industry, SmartSoft Gaming is bringing a new version of its flagship game with JetX 3. More jets, more crashes and more features for even more fun? That's what we'll be looking at today.

JetX3 is a unique and exciting online game perfect for anyone who loves adventure in space. With its one-of-a-kind graphics, interesting betting mechanics, and high payout potential, JetX3 is a game worth trying out.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – Where to play JetX 3?

First, you must choose the platform you want to play JetX 3. Indeed, nothing is more frustrating than going to a poor-quality or insecure online casino. That's why we are constantly working on comparing the best online casinos on the market by studying their platform from every angle.


The Top 3 JetX Game Casinos


What Casino Games Does SmartSoft Gaming Make?

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – SmartSoft Gaming provides online casino games, including various popular game types such as slots, table games, and video poker. They offer various themes, features, and gameplay styles to suit different player preferences.

Some examples of casino games that SmartSoft Gaming might make include classic slots, video slots with multiple paylines and bonus features, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and various video poker games. They may also provide custom game development services to their clients to create unique and tailored gaming experiences.

What Casino Games Does SmartSoft Gaming Make?

Smartsoft Gaming is an ambitious company, and one of the ways this has been shown is through its slot catalogue. The range of titles the company has made touches upon some familiar themes, but they have managed to put their spin on most of them.

From a visual standpoint, their slots are impressive, with many boasting smooth graphics and some cool animations.

Play JetX On The Top Casinos – From a gameplay perspective, there are a few user elements that could be improved, but on the whole, these titles are fun and straightforward to play. Many have a standard five-reel set-up with between 10 to 20 paylines, and all RTPs tend to be in the higher 90s percentage range. You can play over 30 different games from SmartSoft Gaming at Arlequin Casino!


Play JetX On The Top Casinos FAQ

What is SmartSoft Gaming?

SmartSoft Gaming is a software development company that provides online casino games and related products to the online gambling industry.

What type of games does SmartSoft Gaming offer?

SmartSoft Gaming offers a wide range of online casino games, including slots, table games, video poker, and virtual sports.

What is JetX Crash?

JetX Crash is a multiplayer online casino game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. It is a unique and fast-paced game that combines elements of classic casino games and modern video games.

How does JetX Crash work?

In JetX Crash, players place bets on a rapidly increasing multiplier. The round ends when the multiplier crashes, and the player with the highest multiplier wins the round.

What makes JetX Crash different from other casino games?

JetX Crash features a unique and dynamic gameplay that is fast-paced and exciting. The game combines elements of traditional casino games with modern video game features to create a unique gaming experience.

Is JetX Crash suitable for all players?

JetX Crash is suitable for players of all skill levels, as the game is easy to learn but also offers the potential for big wins.

What is the objective of JetX Crash?

The objective of JetX Crash is to predict when the multiplier will crash and place a bet on the highest multiplier possible. The player with the highest multiplier when the round ends wins.

What is the maximum win potential in JetX Crash?

The multiplier determines the maximum win potential in JetX Crash and the bet amount placed. The higher the multiplier, the greater the potential win.

How does the JetX Crash multiplier increase?

The JetX Crash multiplier increases over time, with the speed of the increase determined by the number of players participating in the round.

What is the minimum bet in JetX Crash?

The minimum bet in JetX Crash may vary depending on the operator offering the game. Players should check with their preferred online casino for specific minimum bet amounts.

Is JetX Crash available on mobile devices?

Yes, JetX Crash is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Can JetX Crash be played for free?

Some online casinos may offer free play versions of JetX Crash for players to try the game before wagering real money. However, this may vary depending on the operator and jurisdiction.