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Zillard King Slot By Red Tiger Gaming

Zillard King Slot By Red Tiger Gaming – Zillard King is the slot developed by the recognized studio Red Tiger Gaming. Released on 17.03.2022 it became popular among slot fans for its thrilling engine and fantastic artwork. This review explains all of its key characteristics that give a complete idea of the experience you’ll be getting.

Zillard King Slot

Unleash the wilds in this Zillard King slot by Red Tiger Gaming. Set on 5 reels with the chance of a 6th being unlocked, this title comes with max win potential of 3.800 x your stake that can be won at any moment.

The best action is when the progress bar gets filled with coins to transform wilds into stacked wilds and ones with multipliers up to 20x attached. But what else does this game have going for it? Find out in our honest Zillard King Slot Review.

Zillard King is a slot machine with a sea monster that resembles Godzilla in the title role. You will play the Zillard King slot on five reels; the number of lines provided is 30. The main feature of the Zillard King slot is the filling of unique scales, and you can fill them with coins that appear on top of standard symbols. When the first scale is complete, the wild symbol (sea monster) will increase and cover the reel entirely. Filling the second scale will add a multiplier to the wild symbol, and if you can fill the third scale, the wild will become sticky.

You’ll collect gold coin icons from regular symbols to permanently upgrade the Zillard Wild in 3 steps. In the end it becomes a sticky stacked increasing multiplier wild that can go as high as x20 via consecutive wins. This also opens up a 6th premium symbols reel; you can win up to 3.500x your stake. Check our full Zillard King Slot review!


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Zillard King Slot General Information and Features

Zillard King Slot Given Red Tiger's success with their original release, Primate King, it’s no wonder they want to try their luck with a follow-up. Unfortunately, Zillard King is close to being a pure reskin job, but the medium volatility makes this more suitable for the casual crowd. The 3.500x potential is close to the original, and the only real difference is the random losing spin feature that now provides up to 9 wilds instead of removing low-pay symbols.

Zillard King Slot General Information and Features

The game doesn’t fire on all cylinders until you’ve reached level 3 in the progress meter, and the Zillard Wild is thus upgraded in 3 steps. You eventually end up with sticky 1×4 Zillard Wilds with a random starting multiplier, which increases per consecutive win (up to x20, at best).

The progress meter turns into a 6th reel with only premium symbols, and 6-oak wins pays twice the amount you get from 5-oak wins.

The premium symbols pay between 3 to 15 x your stake for 5 of a kind wins and 6 to 30 x your stake for 6-oak wins. The latter only applies when the 6th reel has been unlocked and it lands premium symbols only. Small gold coin icons are attached to random characters, and these are collected if, and only if, you also land the Zillard Wild on the same spin.

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The Zillard Slot Wild symbols

The Zillard Wild symbol steps in for all regular pay symbols to help complete winning combinations, and collecting the gold coins progresses the Zillard Wild upgrade in 3 steps as follows:

  • Upgrade level 1 (30 gold coins collected) – turns the Zillard Wild into a fully expanded 1×4 sized wild that fills the reel.
  • Upgrade level 2 (60 gold coins collected) – adds a random multiplier to the 1×4 Zillard Wild.
  • Upgrade level 3 (90 gold coins collected) – makes the multiplier 1×4 Zillard Wild sticky until it’s involved in a win, followed by a losing spin. The win multiplier increase for each consecutive win the Zillard Wild is part of, up to x20.

The Zillard Wild is removed after you hit a non-winning spin, but the wild upgrades are permanent with the same bet level. When you’ve gone through all 3 upgrades, you’ll also see the progress bar turn into the 6th reel. Only premium symbols appear on this reel, and it’s unlocked from that point forward. When you land a Zillard Wild that does not generate a win, the Thunder Wilds feature may trigger at random times. This awards 3 to 6 Thunder Wilds on a 5-reel grid, and up to 9 wilds if the 6th reel has been unlocked. The feature comes with a win guarantee.


Zillard King Slot Theme – The Treacherous Waters

The theme here is clear – it’s all about reptiles, specifically a giant lizard. Essentially Godzilla with a different name. As you load the game, lightning strikes and there’s loud and dramatic audio as the reels appear in front of stormy seas. The intense audio adds to the excitement of the game overall, which is great for fans of slots like this.

You can liken the audio to other titles of a similar nature like Microgaming’s Jurassic World. These types of slots are very dramatic and great to play, especially when the bonus features get going.

On the reels, you’ll find the typical card suits as the low paying symbols. The more valuable ones include a compass, a gas mask, a helicopter, and a glowing orb. The orb is the most lucrative symbol, paying 2.5, 5, 15 or 30 x your stake for 3, 4, 5 or 6 in combination respectively.

The game also has a wild that can transform into stacked wilds and multiplier wilds for potentially bigger wins. When the sticky lands and that 6th reel appears, that’s when the huge wins can appear.


Zillard King Slot RTP, Details and Wager Limits

The Zillard King slot game is played on 5 reels with 30 fixed paylines. A 6th reel can be unlocked during the bonus feature. All symbols pay from left to right on adjacent reels beginning from reel 1.

Stakes start from just 0.20€/$ and rise up to 20.00€/$ per spin. Just below the reels, you’ll notice the total bet per spin. Simply use the + and – buttons on either side to change the bet to your desired amount. You’ll also find both options below the reels.

The Zillard King RTP is a flat 96%, which is bang on the average for an online slot. Volatility here is set at medium to high, so big wins are certainly possible, although not as frequently as a slot with lower variance.

The maximum win is 3.800 x your stake. This is best achieved during the bonus feature due to the number of wilds that can land to open up the 6th reel with multipliers added potentially.


Zillard King Slot Bonus Features

It’s all about the wilds in the Zillard King slot game, with Thunder Wilds and Zillard Wild Upgrades as the main 2 bonus features. The other is the Gold coins feature – collecting those will unlock the stacked wilds.

Let’s explain everything to help you understand the features thoroughly.

Zillard King Slot Bonus Features

Gold Coins feature

Gold coins can appear in the corner of any symbol on any spin. As long as there are wild upgrades, coins will keep coming. If the coins land on the same spin as a Zillard Wild, they’re collected and put into the Progress Bar to the right of the reels. There are 3 stages of wilds to unlock, which we’ll get onto shortly.

Thunder Wilds feature

When a wild lands on the reels in the Zillard King slot but no win occurs, it could roar to summon Thunder Wilds onto the reels, thus triggering a guaranteed win. Between 3 and 6 Thunder Wilds could drop when there are 5 reels in play, and between 3 and 9 could drop if the 6th reel is unlocked.

Zillard Wild feature

When gold coins land and are added to the Zillard Wild Progress Bar, 3 upgrades can be unlocked. These are:

  • 1st upgrade Turns the Zillard Wild into a stacked 1×4 symbol.
  • 2nd upgrade Adds a random multiplier to the Zillard Wild
  • 3rd upgrade Turns the Zillard Wild sticky, and it will stay in place on the reels until at least 1 win lands.

Zillard King Slot Final Words & Verdict

Although your best bet of landing the 3.800x max win is during the bonus feature, it is possible for it to land during the base game, so the potential here isn’t too bad even if some consider it to be pretty low.

It certainly looks like a Godzilla rip off to avoid any copyright issues, but it’s no less fun to get stuck into. With multipliers up to 20x available along with numerous wilds and some intense action, overall it’s a game well worth considering.


Zillard King Slot FAQs

What is the Zillard King Slot RTP?

The Zillard King RTP is 96%, which is average for a slot of this kind. Being a medium to high variance game, expect bigger wins less frequently than a slot with lower volatility.

What is the Zillard King Slot max win?

The maximum win is 3,800 x your stake. While it might not be the biggest, you can land it anywhere. Although your best chance is arguably in the bonus game due to the wilds and multipliers being unlocked.

Are there any Zillard King Slot free spins?

There are no free spins in the Zillard King slot. The main bonus round is the Zillard Wild feature where wilds can transform into stacked wilds and ones with multipliers up to 20x attached.

Is there a Zillard King Slot demo slot?

Yes. Check out the Free Play slot right here. It’s an excellent chance for you to try the game before using any of your funds.