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The Hive Slot By Betsoft

The Hive Slot By Betsoft – The Hive by BetSoft is a 5-reel slot machine released on 25 June 2020. The game has 30 paylines and pays out diagonally or horizontally. The slot has wild and several key bee characters, making the game enjoyable. In this The Hive slot review, we will see what the game offers. By the end of this tutorial, you should be armed with enough information on how it works, where to play it, and whether it is worth your investment and time.

The Hive slot is the perfect game for any gambler who is in love with insects or animals. On top of the unique design and colourful graphics, The Hive slot RTP rate is 96.97% stepping in front of many other nature-themed slot machines. Despite the vast wins in the base mode game, when you fill the honey bottle, it is time for a solid payout in free spins mode. Keep reading, as we are about to uncover this game's honey secrets in our The Hive slot review.

The Hive Slot

The Hive slot review will give you extensive information regarding the game’s features, such as betting ranges, free spins feature, highest paying symbols, and where to find the game and the best places to play it. We will also comment on the graphics, the background and the sound effects, as well as what are the built-in gameplay options.

Moreover, we will discuss the best welcome bonuses and packages for newbies. Continue reading to gain a complete understanding of The Hive slot before you have ever tried it. You will also find what devices it is compatible with and which casino is best for playing it on mobile.


Top 3 Casinos To Play The Hive Slot


The Hive Slot Max Win Potential and RTP

The RTP (Return To Player) for The Hive slot is 96.13%. This payback is good and considered average for an online slot. Theoretically, this means that for every 100.00€ put into the game, the expected payout would be 96.13€.

The Hive Slot Max Win Potential and RTP

However, the RTP is calculated on millions of spins, which means that the output for each spin is always random.

The highest possible payout for this slot is 243x your total bet which is relatively low and can not give you the massive wins but often have a higher frequency of small wins.

The maximum possible win is also calculated over a vast number of spins, often one billion.


The Hive Slot Game Design

The Hive slot machine is rendered in 2D but has enough shadowing to make it look enough. Even if it is a 5×5 grid, not all rows have five reels. Instead, the grid is 3x4x5x4x3.

As a bee-oriented slot, the grid is not made of squares but hexagons together — the gaming grid resembles a beehive. The symbols you will spin here are related to bees like the Queen Bee, Worker Bee, and Drone Bee.


The Hive Online Slot Features

The Hive has several features, including Collect Symbols, Expanding Wilds, Increasing Multiplier, Wilds, Win Multiplier, and more. The game has a free spins bonus, usually where you can win big money.

The Hive Online Slot Features

Get spinning with the fireflies when you select your first Mystic™ Hive online slot bet. You’ll get to choose from values ranging from 0.10 to 90.00, which will be spread over the 30 paylines found in this 3-4-5-4-3 slot grid.

Winning lines can align both horizontally and diagonally. Remember that if you change your bet at any point during your gameplay, your Violet Nectar Meter progress will be reset. Play The Hive Slott at Banzai Slots Casino today and enjoy their wager-free welcome bonus!


Collect Nectar and Free Spins

Dip your fingers into the Mystic™ Hive online slot honey pot as you experience the unique features this game offers, starting from the wild, which will substitute for any symbol to give you bigger chances of forming a winning combination.

Collect Nectar and Free Spins

Mystic™ Hive slot machine is also home to three types of magical fireflies, which can appear around the hive and leave randomly with any spin, each one bringing its own unique feature:

  • The Green Firefly summons a storm of additional fireflies, which add to your chances of filling up on violet nectar
  • The Yellow Firefly comes with a stacking multiplier, which only increases when more of this kind join. Your multiplier will be the number of Yellow Fireflies + 1, and will take effect when you land a winning payline aligning with one of these creatures
  • The Red Firefly fills the Violet Nectar Meter – the more of these insects surround your hive, the faster you’ll get your free spins 

When your Violet Nectar Meter is complete, you’ll receive five free spins with one, two or three Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds. After every spin, these symbols will spread from their original position to adjacent cells, only stopping when your free games are over.


Spin with More Tiny Creatures

If you enjoyed playing with the fireflies, then why not take the Beehive Bedlam Reactors slot by Core Gaming for a spin? This slot machine has two incredible bonus games, a free spins round and a progressive jackpot that will send you buzzing home with a massive prize of up to 250,000.

And if you’re after a land insect, we recommend the Beetle Jewels slot by iSoftBet. Spin with these shiny creatures, each holding a shiny gem on their back, while collecting scatter symbols. Land three or more to be rewarded with ten free spins with expanding symbols that pay in any slot grid position.


Start Collecting Nectar

We love Mystic™ Hive online slot and wholeheartedly recommend playing it. You’ll not only get a whopping RTP of 96.13% and high volatility, but you’ll also get excellent features. Fill your Violet Nectar Meter as you spin with fireflies that bring you multipliers, additional creatures and free spins to give you Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds and massive wins.


The Hive Slot Machine Spreading Wilds

Let us look at the game's several features if you play the slot demo.

  • Queen Bee – this one summons a swarm of bees to surround the hive. If this happens, you will likely fill the Honey Meter or win more awards.
  • Drone Bee – this is the bee that fills the Honey Meter.
  • Worker Bee – this is a bee that awards a multiplier stack. If they appear and award a multiplier, the multiplier value is given to the winning combo aligned with the Worker Bee.
  • Free Spins – You win five free spins after filling up the Honey Meter. During the free spins round, more Drone Bees appear, and you can fill the meter quickly for more free spins.
  • Spreading Wild – the wild is a bowl with honey. It only appears during the free spins mode. Wilds spread as the free spins continue, which means they are sticky, and you get more wilds on each spin.

The three kinds of bees appear randomly — there is no unique way to trigger them. If they do occur, they will move around the hive clockwise for each spin. Over a few spins, several of them will fly away until every bee is gone. For as long a Worker Bee is aligned on a payline, they will keep on stacking up.


The Hive Slot Final Words & Verdict

The Hive slot machine is an innovative one that the developers carefully planned. It is not your typical slot machine where the developers merely slapped some symbols on the grid — this one has an actual theme incorporated into the gameplay.

The game is mobile-compatible. The mobile slot requirement is a browser and an internet connection. It works on all devices, and there is no need to download and install the game. Play free The Hive demo slot and test it. Develop a working slot strategy before investing real cash into the game. You can play it from our site to understand how the gamer works and decide if you want to take it for a spin with real cash.


The Hive Free Slot FAQ

Can I play The Hive with no deposit?

Yes, you can play on mobile with no deposit. There are two ways to do this. The first one is through our demo slot. The second way is to find an online casino that offers the slot game in its demo version. If you want to play it with no deposit and win money, you must register for an account at a casino offering bonuses.

 Can I win real money while playing The Hive?

Yes, the video slot machine pays real money, but you must bet real cash. You cannot win any coin from The Hive slot demo version. You need to look for an online casino where the game is offered, make a deposit, and then play.

 Can I play The Hive for free?

Yes, you can play for free via the demo version. Use our link to play for fun. The free mode has the same mechanics as the paid ones but will not pay you real cash. The alternative is to find a casino with bonuses and promotions and use them to play the mobile casino game for free. If you meet the conditions, you get to win real money.

Does The Hive have free spins?

Yes, you could win five free play spins. There is no scatter symbol here, so the way to get free spins is by filling up the Honey Meter. The Honey Meter gets filled every time a Drone Bee appears.