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Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – Teen Patti Live by Evolution is an online Teen Patti casino game released in 2022. It boasts an RTP of 96.63% with a 0.50€/$ minimum bet and a 10,000€/$ maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is a live dealer game intended for top casinos in India.

The famous Indian casino game is, in practice, a variation of 3-card poker. However, Evolution’s current release schedule shows commitment to furthering its presence in India. It’s no surprise they’ve released a live online Teen Patti game if you’ve been keeping up with industry trends. But how did the final product turn out? Let’s find out!

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming

Teen Patti is a popular Asian variant of Three Card Poker. Experience all the fun of standard Poker bets in a simple yet entertaining main game with potential payouts of up to 5:1. On top of that two optional, exciting side bets offer the chance of winning a payout of up to an amazing 1000:1. No matter what hand the dealer achieves, the excitement is guaranteed!

The game is played using one deck excluding Jokers with the aim for the player to achieve a better three-card Poker hand than the dealer’s three-card hand. But with the dealer needing a ‘Queen High’ to qualify, everyone will feel they have a chance of winning! An unlimited number of players can compete against the house in the main game.

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – Teen Patti is streamed from a beautiful Asian-themed studio with native Hindi speaking dealers. Local players will surely appreciate this localised Poker version and provide an authentical and more personalised playing experience.


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Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – First things first: Teen Patti is an Indian gambling game that’s a variant of poker. It is very easy to play, but you could get lost among its many betting options that include Ante, Play, and Side bets. Moreover, this is not the first time we are seeing Teen Patti in a live setting. It is a traditional Asian game, but Ezugi (a subsidiary of Evolution) did its best to bring this type of game to a wider audience via live casino tables. That’s actually how we got Andar Bahar and Sic Bo, but Teen Patti is certainly the most popular of the trio.

Teen Patti Live

To play Teen Patti live with real money, you first need to place the Ante Bet during the 16 or so seconds in the first betting phase. Once all participants have produced an Ante bet, the dealer will deal three cards to the player and three to the dealer. Note here that players’ cards are dealt face-up, so you can see them. On the other end are the dealer’s cards which are laid face down.

The next phase of the game entails a second wave of bet placing. You can either choose to place a Play wager, which means you want to continue to play or Fold, which means you want to withdraw from the round whereby you are also accepting to forfeit the Ante bet you’ve already placed. All punters must make this decision!

The final part of the game is the card revelations. The main point of this game is to form a better three-card hand than the dealer, and the value of the hand determines the payout. We must note that if you fail to form a hand that’s Queen high, you will not qualify for participation in this part of the round.

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – We’ll discuss special game features and payouts in the following sections, but we’d like to take a moment and mention a few perks of this game. Namely, Evolution Teen Patti is live, so you can find it at any live dealer casino working with Evolution. You can also play using a mobile device if that’s your jam!

The game has a 0.50€/$ -10,000€/$ betting range and offers payouts up to 1000:1 (for one of the side bets). Finally, the game has high volatility and 96.63% RTP for the base game.


Teen Patti Live Extra Features

The key characteristic of Evolution Teen Patti is that the game is located inside a special Indian-style studio. Purple and gold are the main colours, and the look of the studio (and the gam logo design) appear to be quite similar to Super Andar Bahar. It is quite logical, as both games have roots in Asia.

Teen Patti Live Extra Features

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – The main part of the game is the presence of two side bets – Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus. The Pair Plus is a side bet which pays if you can make a pair or a higher poker hand out of your three cards. The RTP for this side bet is 95.51% and it pays up to 100:1. You will see the full payout list in the Payouts section.

On the other hand, we also got the 6 Card Bonus. This bonus bet entails both your and the dealer’s cards, meaning you use the six cards to try and form a 5-card poker hand. If you succeed – you get a payout, and the value of the hand determines the payout. Girlie, don’t let us get your hopes up too much because the RTP for this side bet is 91.44%, making it a not-exactly-easy bet to make. However, if you manage to make a hand with these cards, you can get a payout reaching up to 1000:1.

Evolution also included round statistics, game history, and live chat as options for the game. You can use the live chat and watch the full HD broadcast on any device you want.


How to play the Teen Patti Live Card Game    

Playing Teen Patti is quite simple once you understand the rules: The croupier will deal cards to each of the players, in a counterclockwise direction. A full 52 card deck is used, and each player will receive three cards. 

How to play the Teen Patti Live Card Game    

The card values stand as usual with an Ace being counted as high. All other cards hold their own value with the two being the lowest card. 

Depending on where you are playing the croupier might be in the room, at a brick and mortar casino, or appearing on a live stream in an online casino that offers a live dealer version of Teen Patti. 

The cards are dealt face down, but before placing a bet on which is considered to be the winning hand, a player may look at their own cards, which is called playing seen, or leave them on the table face down, which is called playing blind. 

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – The table will have decided a minimum stake, and each player has to place this stake into the pot. Which essentially is the middle of the table, and is the amount the winning player will take when the cards are revealed.


Teen Patti Live Card Game Rules    

In order to understand and play the game of Teen Patti, it is essential to learn how the ranking of hands works. There are six different combinations which also indicate the best possible hand. 

A Trio: A trio contains three cards of the same value, so three kings, three fives, etc. Three aces are the best trio combination, and three twos are the lowest trio combination.

A Straight Run: As it sounds, this is a hand that has three cards of the same suit in a consecutive run, so 3-4-5 of hearts, 6-7-8 of clubs, etc. The highest straight series possible is A-2-3, and the lowest would be 2-3-4. After A-2-3 the highest run is A-K-Q, then K-Q-J etc. These must always be of the same suit to count.  

A Normal Run: This is a run of three cards that are consecutive in number but do not need to be of the same suit. Again the same rules apply, the highest straight run possible is A-2-3, and the lowest would be 2-3-4. After A-2-3 the highest run is A-K-Q, then K-Q-J etc. Remember these do not need to be the same suit. 

A Colour: Any three cards that come from the same suit but do not need to be in sequential order. In this case, any three cards from the same suit can be counted. If more than one player has a colour, then the higher hand would be the one with the highest card. So, A-7-9 would be higher than 2-3-4. Whoever has the highest card, or more than one high card in the same suit would hold the highest colour hand. 

A Pair: A pair means that two cards of the same rank are in the hand. In this ranking, the third card does not need to be counted unless more than one player has this combination. Again, a pair that features A, K, or Q etc. would outrank a couple that features 2-3-4. So A-A-3 is a higher ranking hand than 2-2-10.

A High Card: If none of the above combinations is present the winning hand is determined by who has the combination of higher numbers. A-Q-J would, therefore, be higher than 5-3-2. In this case, there is no attention paid to the sui


Teen Patti Live Final Words and Verdict

We are thrilled to see Evolution stepping up its game with such niche releases. Although Teen Patti Live might not become everyone’s first casino choice when choosing a game at their favourite gaming venue, we can see it growing its own following. Play Teen Patti Live at Haz Casino today and take advantage of their wager-free welcome bonus!

Teen Patti Live By Evolution Gaming – Teen Patti Live provides simple play with rules that are easy to master. The simplicity of the game and its betting range also makes it an excellent game for beginners as well as high rollers. The payouts are pretty rewarding, so make sure to give Teen Patti Live a chance if you are looking to try something new.