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Mystic Hive Slot By Betsoft

Mystic Hive Slot By Betsoft – For a studio of this level, Mystic Hive is a great slot that’s made it to the lobbies of several casinos. Mystic Hive was released on 17.08.2020 offering exciting gameplay and superior graphics. You can play free Mystic Hive test mode on our site as a visitor without registration.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the fireflies when you play Mystic™ Hive online slot. BetSoft created this slot game with an RTP of 96.13% and high volatility. You’ll meet three kinds of fireflies, each bringing their own powers to the hive. Watch as the Red Firefly fills your Violet Nectar Meter, which, once full, gives you five free spins. Enjoy Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds, which keep cloning themselves around the hive until the end of your free play.

Mystic Hive Slot

We’ve all watched movies where fireflies light up the scene, giving the atmosphere a special feeling. Well, the animal-themed Mystic Hive slot brings you that same feeling, but in the form of a game. You’ll find yourself flying around a hexagonal grid, spinning with the honey pot wild and three different coloured fireflies, each with unique mystical gifts.

Get spinning with the fireflies when you select your first Mystic™ Hive online slot bet. You’ll get to choose from values ranging from 0.10 to 90.00, which will be spread over the 30 paylines in this 3-4-5-4-3 slot grid. Winning lines can align both horizontally and diagonally. Remember that if you change your bet at any point during your gameplay, your Violet Nectar Meter progress will be reset.


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Mystic Hive Slot Max win, RTP and Information

When you think of a beehive it sounds a bit scary for most of us, but that is not the case with BetSoft’s latest release. The game is called Mystic Hive and has a very interesting hexagonal 3-4-5-4-3 grid with 30 ways to land a winning combo. The cartoon-style graphics and thrilling features will definitely put a smile on any player's face.

Mystic Hive Slot Max win, RTP and Information

Have you heard of Mystic Hive, the online slot from Betsoft? You have a good chance because it is so unique – it uses a hexagonal grid instead of the traditional 3×5 grid most other slots use. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

This fantastic slot machine also has several bonus features like wild symbols, free spins, and multipliers to give you more chances to win.

In our Mystic Hive slot review, we explain how to take advantage of these bonus features and where to play Mystic Hive. We also show you how to play the game.


How to Play Mystic Hive Slot Online?

Slot machines are the easiest games to play in casino. All you have to do is press the spin button and hope you win. The Mystic Hive casino slot is the same. However, it does have a unique structure that takes some getting used to. Instead of a 3×5 grid, the Mystic Hive slot is hexagonal. The top and bottom rows have three reels each, followed by four reels on the second and fourth rows. The middle row is the only one with five symbols.

How to Play Mystic Hive Slot Online?

Because the grid is different, the Mystic Hive slot game has different pay lines as well. You win whenever you get three or more symbols to line up diagonally or horizontally. The hexagonal shape makes it more challenging to get the top payouts. There are only three pay lines that have five symbols.

To make up for that, Mystic Hive has both-way pay lines that make it easier to win multiple times. It does not matter if the symbols line up from left to right or right to left; you get paid either way.

It might take some time to fully understand the unique structure of the Mystic Hive online slot machine. Once you play it for a few minutes, though, you’ll start to get used to it. It’s not THAT different from other slot games. Now that you know how the pay lines work, reviewing the symbols and paytable is time.


Mystic Hive Slot Firefly Bonus Features

When you play Mystic Hive online for money, you want to trigger as many bonus features as possible. Each bonus feature gives you better chances of winning, and winning more. Fortunately, the Mystic Hive fireflies are here to help with that. Three fireflies fly around the hive at random. Each one has a different purpose.

The yellow firefly offers multipliers for any payout on the pay line that it is in front of. When one yellow firefly gets activated, you will earn a multiplier based on how many yellow fireflies are in the hive. The multiplier amount is always one more than the number of yellow fireflies on the screen.

Mystic Hive Slot Firefly Bonus Features

Red fireflies are not as expected. When the red firefly appears, it will add nectar to the violet nectar meter. When that meter gets full, you get five free spins with additional bonus features.

Green fireflies are valuable because they bring a swarm of other fireflies. Because the multipliers are tied to the number of fireflies, having several on the reels at once exponentially increases your chances of winning big!

The fireflies appear at random intervals. They move around the hive, one hexagon at a time, for a random number of spins before flying off again.

Depending on your preferences and gaming style, you will appreciate some fireflies more than others. While we were playing to prepare for this Mystic Hive slot review, we liked the yellow fireflies the best because they appeared more frequently. We also got very excited when the green firefly showed up because we were about to enjoy several bonuses simultaneously!


Mystic Hive Slot Free Spins Bonus Feature

The red firefly will fill up your purple nectar meter if you are lucky. When it gets full, you automatically earn five free spins. You need twelve nectar deposits to fill up the nectar meter. Some red fireflies only make a single nectar deposit. Others make several deposits. It is random, but when you bet higher amounts, the chances go up that a single firefly will make multiple deposits.

Mystic Hive Slot Free Spins Bonus Feature

Twelve nectar deposits is a lot, especially compared to games offering free spins whenever you get three scatters. However, the benefit of the nectar meter is that you can collect nectar over several spins.

When spins are based on scatter symbols, you need all of them on the same spin. This is tougher to pull off.

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Mystic Hive Slot Game Symbols

While waiting for the winning combination on the hive, the player receives a certain reward. The most expensive symbol in the game is the Green Crystal, which can pay 10x for a combination of five. Amanita also gives a fairly high payout of a maximum of 5x. Combinations of Purple, Red, and Blue crystals can pay a maximum of 0.8x. Honey symbols are very cheap as they pay a maximum of 0.5.


Mystic Hive Slot Bonus Rounds

Despite its simplicity, the way to get free spins in this game is exciting. As soon as glowing green bugs appear near the hive, the player can fill the cone with purple nectar, which gives free spins. The yellow bug brings a Multiplier, the value of which directly depends on the number of bugs.

Mystic Hive Slot Bonus Rounds

The more Red bugs appear near the hive, the faster they fill the free spins counter. These beautiful ones appear randomly so that every spin can provoke their appearance.

The player receives five free spins as soon as the Free Spin Counter in the form of a jar of purple nectar is filled with bugs. During them, Wild Symbols will appear on cells and gradually spread to others.


Mystic Hive Slot Final Words & Verdict

The provider outdid themselves with the features, making this game stand out the most. There are some classic features in there as well, but the fireflies will impress and entertain the most. Just like most games, this one uses the wild symbol as a substitute for all other paying symbols in hopes of creating winning combinations.

Overall, we loved playing Mystic Hive. It is an excellent game with detailed graphics and a unique setup. The fireflies’ bonus features add excitement with multiple bonus options. We appreciate that the Mystic Hive slot has various bonus features available in the base game. This slot will be an excellent option for those who want good payouts while playing quite exciting gameplay. The Cluster Pace technology will make it possible to compose prize combinations vertically and horizontally at any point on the grid, which increases the chances of players getting – even if not a jackpot – a big win.

However, there are a few things Betsoft could have done better. We want our Mystic Hive review to give you an accurate picture of the game, so we will tell you what those things are. Here are a few of the strengths and weaknesses of the Mystic Hive casino slot game.


Mystic Hive Slot FAQ

What is the main symbol in the Mystic Hive Slot game?

Having a combination of five Green Crystals on a pay line, you can count on 10x from bet.

What is the maximum bet I can place in Mystic Hive Slot?

In this slot, the range of the bet range, where the maximum bet reaches 90.

Can I play Mystic Hive Slot for free?

You can play this game for free by using it Demo Version.

Can I Earn Real Cash Prizes?

Of course, you can win real prizes right now by clicking “Play for real money”.

Does the Mystic Hive Slot have a jackpot?

This slot has quite high payouts, but you won't find the jackpot here.