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Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming Money Train 3 is a new casino slot from Relax Gaming, where we once again get to enjoy an emotion-charged train ride. It was back in 2019 that the slot world was first introduced to their Money Train series, which with its thrilling bonus game quickly found a place close to the heart of many. A year later after this success, it was time for a sequel to make an appearance, namely the Money Train 2 slot. 

There, the design had been further optimized and the stats had been given a big boost, where players now could win up to an incredible 50000X the bet. Its incredibly high entertainment level and slightly addictive bonus game made it perfectly understandable to why it is considered among the best games ever created. 

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming
Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming

When it comes to sequels, there is usually a huge pressure to surpass the previous version, something they succeeded phenomenally with that time and this time they will try to surpass two previous successes.

At a quick glance you can see that they are not here to mess around, where a potential maximum win of 100.000X has been added. With great excitement, it is now time for us to jump on this high speeding train and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming Money Train 3 appeals to those who appreciate gameplay with both traditional and experimental elements. When no bonus gets activated, the base game is still interesting but once wilds, scatters or other special symbols or features land on the screen, it gets to the whole new level.


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How to Play Money Train3 Slot?

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming Almost every clickable button on the main screen at the Money Train 3 slot game is located on the right. The dominant one with a grey pointer is the play button which activates the 5×4 grid every time you click on it. Every user can start autospins thanks to the play sign. You can trigger infinite auto-rounds and set single-win, win, and loss limits.

How to Play Money Train3 Slot?
Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming

Pressing the coins will reveal a small new window where you can adjust the bet amount.

It all starts with €0.1 and ends with €10 here. We should also mention the fast-forward circle that speeds up the spins.

Lastly, the circle with triple lines will reveal the paytable and game rules. You can use the side buttons to access the settings.


Money Train3 Slot Symbols and Payouts

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming With eight regular symbols on the paytable, the Money Train 3 slot is a standard game with a classic mechanism for achieving wins. Namely, players must wait to land three, four, or five icons of the same kind on a payline to win prizes. Let's use this Money Train 3 slot review to discuss the payouts linked with each icon.

Money Train3 Slot Symbols and Payouts
Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming

Like many other slots on the market, this one has four playing card suits as low-paying regular symbols.

The rewards you can expect increase gradually depending on the number of matching suits and their type. Simply put, wins with Blue Diamonds, Green Clubs, Orange Hearts, and Red Spades will provide 0.2 to 5 times your total stake.

The other four icons come in the shape of characters. The Girl with Blue Hair can help you get 0.5 to 8 times the stake.

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming After that, the masked Man with Green Hair will deliver 0.5 to 9 times your total bet. Then we have the tough Guy with a Cigarette and Sunglasses promising rewards worth 0.6 to 10 times the total stake. In the end, the Bearded Guy with a Monocle offers 0.8 to 20 times the bet. Also, the Wild icon can help you win 0.8 to 20 times your stake, while the Bonus icon is not associated with instant wins.


Money Train 3 Game Features 

Money Train3 Slot By Relax Gaming This game features 5 reels and 40 paylines going across a 5×4 grid. It delivers wins when 3 matching symbols land in a payline, starting with the first reel. Regarding the atmosphere, Money Train 3 slot brings back the same steampunk theme as the first two games. A futuristic-looking skull train lines the reels, while some kind of laboratory looms in the background. All in all, this game features the best atmosphere and graphics of the three.

Money Train 3 Slot Features 

Here's where things start ramping up, and there is a lot to cover, starting with the base game Respin feature which can trigger randomly on any non-winning spin. When triggered, one of the symbols in view is randomly selected to be sticky, and a respin is awarded.

During respins, if new chosen symbols hit, they turn sticky and award another respin. It is also possible to land x1, x2, or x3 multiplier symbols, which do not stick but increase the win multiplier. When no new symbols land, the feature ends, and the winning total is awarded. Play Money Train3 Slot at Banzai Slots today and take advantage of their wager-free welcome bonus!


Money Train3 Slot Buy Feature

Clicking the bonus buy button gives players the chance to buy one of the four bonus buy options. These are the bonus game with 1 starting spin for 20x the bet, the bonus game with 2 starting spins for 50x the bet, the regular bonus round for 100x the bet, or the bonus round with 1 starting Persistent Symbol for 500x the bet.


Money Train3 Slot RTP, Volatility and Betting Options

You can bet between €0.10 and €10 per spin. At the €10 maximum, you can win up to €1 million through the 100,000x max prize. The Money Train 3 RTP is 96.1%, which is slightly above average. Volatility is extremely high due to the huge top payout and loaded bonus round.


Money Train3 Slot Money Cart Bonus Round

Landing at least 3 bonus symbols in the base game triggers the Money Cart Bonus Round. The Persistent gold symbols can also substitute for Bonus symbols when triggering the bonus round. Each triggering symbol turns sticky, reveals a value, and 3 respins are awarded. If a Persistent symbol was used to activate the round, its action takes place before the first spin.

When new symbols land, they also stick and reset the spin count back to 3. If you fill a column with symbols, then an extra column opens up – this can occur two times. During the round, it's possible to land regular symbols bearing values of 1x to 10x the bet, and these special symbols:

  • Collector – collects all values in view and adds them to itself.
  • Sniper – doubles the values of 3-8 other bonus symbols. It can double the same bonus symbols more than once.
  • Collector-Payer – picks 3 to 5 symbols then adds their values to its own, then adds its new total to those targets.
  • Necromancer – brings 2-7 already used non-persistent special symbols back to life. The same symbol can be revived more than once.
  • Absorber – absorbs all normal bonus symbols and removes them from the reels. Cannot absorb Special Symbols.
  • Tommy Gun Sniper – picks a random target and doubles its value 2 to 6 times.
  • Tommy Gun Payer – shows a value of 5x to 100, then adds the value to a random symbol 3 to 10 times.
  • Persistent Collector – collects all visible values and add them to its own at the end of the current spin and each spin from then on.
  • Persistent Sniper – doubles the value of 3-8 other bonus symbols at the end of the current spin and each spin from then on. It can act on the same bonus symbol more than once.
  • Persistent Collector-Payer – picks 3 to 5 symbols at the end of each spin, adds their values to its own, then pays out its new value to those targets.
  • Persistent Necromancer – brings 1 to 7 already used non-persistent special bonus symbols back to life for reuse. Can revive one symbol more than once.
  • Persistent Shapeshifter – turns into a different special symbol after every spin.

When respins run out, or the game hits its win cap, the bonus round comes to an end.


Money Train3 Slot Respin Feature – This feature can be triggered at the end of any spin without a win. One of the symbols already present on the reels will be selected randomly to be sticky and a re-spin is awarded. During the respins, additional symbols of the same type can land. Every time a new symbol lands a new re-spin will be awarded. It’s possible to land Multiplier symbols (1x, 2x and 3x) which do not stick but will award an additional re-spin. Multipliers will be added together and awarded to the final win amount. The re-spin feature ends when no new symbols land.

Money Train3 Slot Money Cart Bonus Round – The Money Cart bonus round is triggered by landing 3 or more BONUS symbols anywhere on the reels. The Persistent (gold) symbols can substitute for the BONUS symbols when triggering the Money Cart bonus round. Once the bonus round starts, the symbols that trigger the feature will reveal a value which is displayed as a multiplication of bet and awards 3 spins. In the case a Persistent symbol was used in triggering the bonus round, this will reveal its action before the first spin. When you fill a column with symbols, an additional column will be opened. This can happen a maximum of two times in one bonus round.


Money Train3 Slot Final Words & Verdict

One of the excellent things about the Money Train series is the phenomenal sense of progression. The original Money Train slot was the most traditionally Western-themed one of the lot, before a solid helping of Steampunk eked into Money Train 2, while the third is the most technologically advanced one of them all. The progression not only makes sense, but it's also a thrill seeing what Relax Gaming will cook up next. Crucially, the gameplay and features have evolved in lockstep with the evolution of the game world in each of the three releases.

Money Train 2 was one of those landmark slots that don't come around often, but Relax Gaming has managed to improve just about everything for Part 3. As before, the Money Cart Bonus Round is the star of the show, and Relax Gaming hasn't rested on its laurels in this department.

There are new symbols, a few tweaks to discover, and a whole lot of good old-fashioned Money Train destruction to experience if it all goes according to plan. That largely comes down to getting the right symbols, and when it happens, just like before, the results can be absolutely breathtaking. Persistent symbols have proven their worth in the past, and having the option of buying one at the start of a bonus round is quite a tempting proposal. 


Money Train3 Slot FAQ

 Can I play Money Train 3 for free?

Yes, is the place to try Money Train 3 with no sign-up required. Any casino site partnering with Relax Gaming would also give free access to the demo mode.

 Can I win real money on Money Train 3 slot?

Yes, registered account with a casino would be the only option to enjoy real money Money Train 3 and hit real winnings.

 What is the best place to play Money Train 3?

Any trusted gambling operator or casino related site. Once real cash gets involved legitimate operator with solid reputation and top tier services must be selected. Best casino would vary depending on one`s personal preferences.

 Can I play Money Train 3 slot on mobile phone?

Yes, this video slot is mobile optimized and can be loaded on any device.

 How to win playing Money Train 3?

This is a certified game that generates random results, and all you need is a good luck. Look through the paytable to learn how and how much you can win.