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JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX3 Game – JetX3 is a brand new slot machine from Smartsoft Gaming in which you can easily and quickly win nice multipliers. This game is the new version of the original JetX Game. Place the desired amount in a specified period. You can place the bet simultaneously in one, two, or three parts. The minimum bet is 0.10 €, and the maximum is bet is 300€.

JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming
JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming

After two years after the incredible success of JetX, the crash game that revolutionised the online casino industry, SmartSoft Gaming is bringing a new version of its flagship game with JetX3.

More jets, more crashes and more features for even more fun?

JetX3 Game – That's what we'll be looking at today. This short article presents JetX 3, the new crash game attracting many players.

When starting the game, watch how high the ships go and how the odds increase. Withdraw the amount to the desired odds before the explosion. if one or two ships explode, you can keep a win with the third ship!

You can use the auto-collect button by specifying the desired odds. You can use auto-collect buttons as the round starts after marking. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the current odds and placing bets. They just took this game to a whole new level it triples the planes now! JetX 3 is now available worldwide!

JetX3 Game – Now you can control a whole fleet of Spacecrafts! Your chances of destroying the death star have increased by three times! The game provided has the original version which is JetX3 Game, but they have now added two more ships to the fleet! Now their engines work with tripled thrust and can reach new altitudes!


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How to play JetX3 Game?

JetX3 Game – This controller controls it. You will see your username. Then you can set one bet for all spaceships or then you can set individual bets for each aircraft. Set the bet by adjusting the + and – buttons if you wish to use the “auto collect” option. Then you will need to set that before the game starts.

What is The JetX 3 Game?

JetX 3, the official sequel to JetX, is the groundbreaking crash game from online game provider SmartSoft Gaming. Released in 2019, JetX is both a slot machine and an arcade game. Indeed, although this type of game is officially classified as a slot machine for its algorithm and mathematical scheme, it is nothing like the usual slots.

What is the average position of JetX3 in the casino lobbies, and how has it changed over time?

It is on the front page of many Online Casinos, as the game was launched just last week. If you cannot find it on the front page, then you need to click “NEW” or “NEW GAMES”, and you will see if for sure – Play at Azur Casino today!


How to Play JetX3 Game?

First of all, in terms of aesthetics, JetX 3 has nothing to do with its old version. Great efforts can be noticed on the side of the graphics and the game's animation, making it possible to plunge even more intensely into this universe. The countdown to take-off has been improved to be realistic and to build up the pressure, while the take-off itself is impressive. You leave a strange planet to reach space as quickly as possible in a massive cloud of smoke.

JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming

To do this, you use three spaceships instead of one, which will change how the game works considerably. The ships explode in flight randomly, but the different crashes impact your multiplier. When the first ship is lost, one third of the multiplier disappears with it. When the second ship explodes, half of the current multiplier is removed, and of course, when the last ship is destroyed, the entire multiplier and, therefore, any winnings that were not secured are lost.

To avoid this, you can click “collect” at any time to collect your winnings. The value of your winnings is then the product of your bet and the multiplier at the time you click.

The fact that the value of the multiplier can be split during the game can result in a multiplier of less than x1 and, therefore a winning that does not allow you to recover the original stake if you collect it too early. You will therefore have to be all the more vigilant on this subject.

A third tab has been added to manage your games and your different strategies. As before, you can activate an auto-bet button on each of the three tabs to place bets on each turn, preventing you from missing the take-off. The auto-collect function is also present on all three tabs to choose which multiplier the bet should be collected automatically.


A new category on gaming – XGames

JetX3 from SmartSoft started striving to achieve the ambitious objective – of launching a whole new category of online casino games. The company brands them as – XGames. SmartSoft plans to release many new games, focusing on gamification and fantastic gameplay and positions them into an exceptional place in the gaming industry as no one has made anything like this ever before.


JetX3 Game Theme and Gameplay

The JetX 3 game has exceptional features and a specially dedicated design. This makes this game very impressive for players, and you can be sure that this game will give you all the entertainment you can be looking for. Before each round, the players will see the three starships launching from planetX, heading to space.

JetX3 Game Theme and Gameplay
JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming

Remember that at any moment, one, two or all three start ships can explode. The game includes chats, statistics, bet history, and an active bet list.

The opportunity to share impressions makes the game very engaging. We hope you will enjoy the game just as much as we have!

As long as you have the last JetX 3 ship still going, the game is not over! So once you have lost the first, second or both, you still have one more chance to destroy the battleship!

How Does The JetX3 Start?

The game starts with the Control panel indicating the different features and then explaining to you how to make your bets and collect the winnings. The edge of the universe is not limited anymore!


Control Panel on JetX3 Game – Jetx3 Game Control Panel

1. Place your bet

2. Check the odds

3. Collect winnings

4. Repeat

You will find more instructions on how to play the game once you open it on your casino of choice. The game will literally teach you how to play and win, or what not to do very fast. Even if you are not an experienced player, this will be a lot of fun for you. We can promise you that, as we have had so much fun playing and testing the game.


Can I play Jet X3 Game on Mobile?

Yes! You can play JetX3 on mobile, and you will have to ensure that the screen is turned to horizontal mode, as the screen will be so small if you do not do this. This is one of the best games in 2023, for sure! If you like spacecrafts, Hydroplanes, and Airplanes. This game is for you!

The JetX Mobile
JetX3 Game 15

JetX3 Game By SmartSoft Gaming FAQ

How can I find the JetX3 game on the online casino?

As this is a New Game, you will find it on the front page or from the NEW games section.

How do I play JetX3?

The goal is simple, choose your bet, start the game and try to go as high as possible before the spacecrafts will explode!

Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

Yes, Of course. It’s compatible with all available smartphones and tablets.

Where can I play JetX3 for real money?

See the list of the best casinos to play JetX and JetX3 on. Before playing this slot, don’t forget to claim a welcome bonus to start your session on a good welcome bonus.

Can I play JetX3 for free?

Unfortunately, you cannot, this is because the game has a Jackpot feature, so they will not let you try it. But trust us, this is one of the most played games, so you will not be disappointed!