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JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – JetX is a fantastic new online casino game from SmartSoft Gaming inspired by planes. Players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying higher and increasing their multiplier to win. Even though the game appears very simple, it is advantageous for players because you can bet as little as 0.10€ and as much as 600€.

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JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming

Crash games are rapidly gaining popularity in online casinos. In 2019, the Smartsoft Gaming provider released Jet X, which immediately became a hit on many popular gambling sites.

The game refers to developing a new game format, which offers an entirely new principle of entertainment based on the human factor.

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – The main feature is that players are constantly in the dark, expecting big wins. There is always a choice: settle for small wins or try to reach the highest odds. As in most games on the Internet, the last word remains with Fortune.

JetX is an aeroplane-inspired awesome new online casino game from SmartSoft Gaming. The players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying higher and increasing their multiplier to win. Even though the game appears to be very simple, this is an advantageous game for players as you can bet from just 0.10€ all the way up to 600€.

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – Naturally, The more money you bet, the more significant the return is. Jet X is attractive, as this has nothing to do with your talent as an Online Casino player. This is all about luck with a big L, as you never know when the plane will explode. It can explode as soon as it starts to move, but this rarely happens.

But it does happen. This game is all about how far Can you Gamble on Jet X bet. You can play safe, or then you can reach for the stars – This is Jetx Gambling!


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How to play the JetX Game?

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – When playing JetX, you might put one or more bets on each round, attempting to predict which multiplier the plane will crash. The higher the multiplier of your bet, the longer the plane flies. You may wager anything from €0.10 to €300 per round. Even at a 1.00 multiplier, it can catastrophically fall at any time (range 1 to infinity). 

The game's objective is to cash out before the jet plane goes up in flames. Your bet will be lost as soon as it crashes. Will you play it safe and cash out early, or are you a gambler who wants to take chances and attain these high multipliers? Hundreds or thousands of players are betting on the same plane simultaneously during a game round. As the round progresses, other gamers cash out. Will their choices have an impact on you?


Benefits of the JetX Crash Game

  • Unusual mechanics – the implemented Provably Fair technology determines the results by deriving combinations according to the players' bets. This principle provides more control than conventional slots;
  • Large win multiplier – the multiplier starts from 1 and can be plus infinity. Of course, the latter option is only an assumption, but theoretically, it is possible. According to feedback from players and testers, once every two or three hours it is quite realistic to wait for a multiplier from x100 to x200. Smaller indicators you will see much more often;
  • Simple rules – even beginners can quickly figure out the rules using an intuitive control panel or table instructions;
  • Exciting rounds – the rounds are fast, while always keeping in suspense. The player has a choice when to withdraw the coefficient, and the risks of missing out on the opportunity to receive a prize if Fortune turns away;
  • Adaptation for any gadget – the game functions perfectly from all devices, so launching a plane and trying to get the most profitable odds is everywhere: at home, on vacation, or a trip.

Jet X By SmartSoft Gaming

What Is SmartSoft Gaming?

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – Once the player starts their gaming session on JetX, they will definitely feel the old-school vibes in the game. What makes this game unique and attractive is its excellent retro design! During the game session, the player can see the pixelated plane flying across the screen to the sky. The Sky is the limit!

To start the game, you have to decide how much you want to bet, from 0.10 € up to 600 €. Once you press the start button, the plane will JET off the runway and rise to the sky. By pressing the TAKE button, you can quit the current game session and collect your accumulated winnings.


Jet X By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – Speaking of the winnings, they are determined by the players’ placed bets and winning coefficients as shown in the game’s paytable. There is only one catch, and if you fail to press the TAKE button before the aircraft explodes, you lose all of your bets!

Jet X is only for the brave, as it takes “GUTS” to play this game. You can win big, or if the odds are not on your side, you will only win a bit. but you should definitely try this extraordinary way of gaming… If you are tired of the traditional way of playing slots. this has not been done by anyone else before.


JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – This is a thrilling game that is changing the Online Casino experience for players all over the world. Play jetX at Wolfy Casino and enjoy the most incredible welcome offer that is totally wager free!

Wolfy Casino offers new players a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to 1000€, and this is the best way to spend some time with the Jet X slot, an aeroplane-themed game you have never experienced before. With JetX the idea is very simple… See how far your nerves can take you. The basis of the Slot machine is straightforward. Choose your bet, see the multiplier grow, and decide when to let go.

JetX By SmartSoft Gaming
JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming

Jetx Jeux D'argent – As the higher the pale goes, your multiplier grows, but the plane can also explode up at any time…

The JetX craft will start off from Zero (0) and can go up as high as the sky is the limit… this is not something for the faint of heart players as this needs nerves of steel to play… are you ready to take the chance and be one of the new lucky winners on JetX?

JetX Game By SmartSoft Gaming – Are you ready to Jet out from the comfort of your sofa and living room and start living in the JetX groove? if so, open your account on our best brands and start rocking the best Online casinos with the best Casino Welcome Bonuses!