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Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live

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Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live by Evolution Gaming

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live by Netent – Gonzos Treasure Hunt live is a slots-inspired live game show by Evolution released in 2021. The live casino game show has a 96.56% RTP, multipliers, and offers winnings up to 20,000x. Gonzos Treasure Hunt live is inspired by NetEnt’s award-winning online slot Gonzo’s Quest. With a max bet of 1000€/$, it suits high-rollers and casual players. This game has a jackpot of 20,000x and is available to play on both desktop & mobile.

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live
Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live

If you are familiar with the world of online casinos, then you will doubtless have come across the popular slot game Gonzo’s Quest.

After all, it became enough of a fan favourite that it is still widely played even alongside new casino games. The cartoon conquistador Gonzo is back for another quest with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Rather than a slot game, however, this new outing for Gonzo is a live game that takes its cue from TV game shows.

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live by Netent – Even if you have played the original Gonzo game, this follow-up will be a new experience for you – so why not read our Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt review and strategy guide for advice?


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Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live Betting Options and Payouts

If you’ve played the legendary slot featuring the Spanish explorer, you should not miss out on the new Evolution release. If the simple game rules haven’t convinced you to play it for real money, check this out. The minimum bet in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is just 0.10€/$ per round. Hence, even low-stake punters can afford this live game show. However, to extend the betting range, Evolution accepts all bets up to 1000€/$.

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live Betting Options and Payouts

Each stone on the 7-reel grid has a payout value attached to it – 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, or 65x. Naturally, these values are preset, resulting in random outcomes and real and fair results. Please note that the higher-value stones appear less. In this sense, this stone wall is similar to money wheel games.

Before a round begins, you can choose how many picks you want to purchase – between 1 and 20. In turn, the more stones (picks) you buy, the bigger the chances of a win.

Once happy with your choices, your total bet will equal the number of picks multiplied by the total value of placed bets. To exemplify, if you wager 2€/$ on a 4x stone and 5€/$ on an 8x stone, as well as three picks, your wager is 21€/$ in that round. So, there’s some math involved in placing the bet, but luckily, Evolution deals with that instead of you.


How to Play Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

Allow us to begin our Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt review with a complete introduction to the game. When you start, you will be placed into an Aztec setting. The animated conquistador Gonzo is on the left side of the screen; the live host (wearing an Indiana jones-Esque explorer outfit) is on the right; and between them is a grid of coloured symbols, all designed to fit into the Aztec theme. 

How to Play Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

For now, however, the most important element will be at the bottom of the playing field, which has a row of icons each representing a different betting amount. These are 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x and finally 65x.

Note that your original betting amount is included with each multiplication, meaning that 1x will double your sum, 2x will triple it and so forth. You can choose how many of each symbol will appear in-game, and your choice will come with a trade-off. 

For example, raising the number of 1x symbols will increase your chance of winning that bonus but lower your chance of winning a more significant bonus. You can also buy “picks” – these are represented onscreen as icons shaped like hand=prints, and each one you purchase allows you an additional chance to find the treasure hidden inside the wall.

  • You have two choices that you have to make.
  • Which color of stones do you want to search for?

How many chances do you want to find those stones? You can choose between 1-20 picks.

Setting up is the most crucial part of the game. To start, you need to choose which color of stone you want to look for. There are six colors, and each color has a different payout. Stones with a lower payout appear more frequently than stones with a high payout. Here is an overview of how much the stones payout and how often they appear on the wall.

StonePayoutNumber of Stones on the WallOdds of Winning

You can bet on as many colors as you want to. The minimum bet is $0.10, but you can bet up to $100 on each stone. If you bet on all six colors, you are guaranteed to win for all of your picks. However, your overall payout may not equal your bet amount. Another option is to bet different amounts on different colors of tiles.

To calculate your bet amount, you need to add all of the bets you placed on various tiles and then multiply that amount by the number of picks you choose. For example, if you bet $0.10 on all six colors, that would be $0.60. If you chose twenty picks, your bet amount would be $12.


Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Symbols and Extra Features

Not only is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt visually appealing, but it’s also loaded with unique features. There is so much to this adventure live slot that meets the eye at first sight.

  • RTP – Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt payback percentage is 96.56%. In comparison with similar live game shows, the RTP is substantial. To put it into perspective, the developer’s Crazy Time optimal RTP is 96.08%.
  • Bonus Prizes – Initially, each stone is given a value between 1x and 65x. Ideally, you can end up with 20,000x in your stake!
  • Multiplier – Multipliers play a crucial role, as without them, you cannot hit the max jackpot in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.
  • Re-Drop – When Gonzo turns the key, more Prize Drops come your way. Three can be a maximum of 10 Re-Drops.

Again, the real dealer is prepared to go on an adventure with you 24/7. Coincidentally, those are the working hours of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live!


Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Bonus Games and Features

All of the best live games include a few features and bonuses to stop the gameplay from becoming too repetitive. One bonus feature you can hope to come across in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the respin icon, sometimes deployed alongside the descending multipliers.

If it lands, the multiplier session will be repeated, allowing you another chance to multiply your eventual winnings. Although the game does not have a bonus round as such, its central gameplay is very similar in spirit to the bonus rounds found in many different slot games. In other words, you could argue that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the bonus round adopted by so many new casino games as extended into an entire live game.


Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Strategies

Although the gameplay can be a lot of fun (many players would count it amongst the best live games in terms of addictiveness) our Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt review should warn you that the game is hazardous to play: your chances of scoring at all, let along scoring both treasure and a multiplier, are not high. Indeed, the game includes an option to choose your tiles at random, and the odds of winning through this method are no lower than the odds when choosing tiles manually.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Strategies

That said, you can use a few techniques to at least take the edge of things a little. One is the low-risk strategy: choose a low bet and a small number of picks; while you are unlikely to win, you will at least be spending a small amount.

The opposite method is to buy many picks and choose a large area of the playing field: this will cost a lot more to start with, but your odds of winning are substantially increased.

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If you choose the latter option, remember that it is quite possible to select all the tiles. Indeed, our Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live review can confirm that the game includes a “bet on all” option that allows you to do just this with a single click. If you choose this path, you are guaranteed a win of some sort or another.

However, you should remember the two caveats: first, you will need to buy a lot of picks; second, some rounds will have more treasure than others — meaning that you may end up betting on every tile of a low-treasure game.


Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live Final Words and Verdict

What do you get when combining two online gaming legends, Evolution and NetEnt? Gonzos Treasure Hunt live is the first-ever mutual product from the two industry behemoths. CasinosOnline.com suspected that the NetEnt takeover would bring about spectacular results. Thus, Gonzos Treasure Hunt lived up to and exceeded our expectations.  After Evolution and NetEnt’s firstborn, we predict a bright future for the live slot genre in online gaming.

To wrap up our Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live review, we want to give you some of our opinions on the game. The graphics and animations in the game are incredible. Gonzo moves and breathes to look almost as real as the live host standing beside him.

You can see birds flying, flames flickering, and a waterfall flowing in the background. Those elements bring the game to life. While the host doesn’t affect the game, they add much to the experience. Some hosts dance with Gonzo, while others interact with the players who say something in the chat. Just like any live dealer game, you will probably have some hosts that you like more than others.


Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live FAQ

Which are the best casinos to play Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Casinos include Casino Together and Arlequin. Check out our full table on our website.

What is the RTP for Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

The average RTP is around 96.56%, but it depends on the stones.

Can I play Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live for free?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free demo available for this game.

What is the best strategy to play Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

Depending on your playstyle, you could go for a limited number of stones and loads of picks, the opposite, or a mix!

How do you win at Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

You can win Gonzo’s live game by picking the spots on the grid wall and hiding the stones you have bet on.