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Football Studio Dice

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Football Studio Dice By Evolution Gaming

Football Studio Dice By Evolution Gaming – Football Studio is a live dealer card game from Evolution. It's the perfect game for new live casino players – especially for fans of the beautiful game. The game is mechanically similar to Dragon Tiger – or two-card baccarat. You either pick a Home, Away or Draw (Tie) result to win.

Football Studio Dice

Thanks to this simplicity – it's an ideal entry point for sports betting fans looking to dip into live casinos. For more information, read our Football Studio review.

 If you're a football fan and enjoy a good live table game, like roulette, Baccarat, or Sic Bo, Evolution Gaming has something just for you! Introducing Football Studio Dice, the live betting game with a unique gaming concept and themed after one of the world's most exciting sports – football! Don't care much for soccer?

No problem! You don't have to know anything about the sport to enjoy this new live game. As a leader in live casino gaming, Evolution has delivered a fresh and exciting live dealer game. It is a live gaming experience that should be on any roulette gamer's “to-play” list.

Evolution's new live casino game offers friendly live dealers, a high RTP and more. So, let's get into Evolution's revamped Football Studio Dice and see what it's all about.


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Football Studio Dice Game Features & Gameplay

We have already mentioned that Football Studio Dice is played with four dice. There are two main sides: HOME and AWAY. The first is the red side, and the other is the blue one. Therefore, the studio is designed with red and blue background and red and blue dice placed in four holes on a football field-like table.

The live host sits in the middle and makes sure the show runs smoothly. However, the host is not there to activate the dice shaker. No, this is a football-inspired game, so if you wish, you can start a football-related conversation with a live host.

Football Studio Dice Game Features & Gameplay

The game is fast-paced, straightforward, and captivating. Before the game round starts, the four dice are placed into individual holes on the table. Each of the holes has a separate dice shaker mechanism inside.

The table is split in two, just like the football field. The left side is red – HOME – and the right side is blue – AWAY. However, the results are not calculated when two blue or red dice from each side stop.

The top two holes with dice inside represent the “First Half”, and the bottom two are the “Second Half”. The game begins when all four dice start shaking simultaneously, but they don’t stop at once, thus building anticipation. The upper HOME and AWAY dice stop first, revealing the “First Half” result. Then, the bottom dice stop shaking, ending the “Second Half”.

Finally, when all four dice stop and show the numbers, you will see the final result on the screen. The side that has the highest total of two dice is the winning side. However, you can also bet on a DRAW or tie like in an actual football match.


How to play Football Studio Dice?

This game focuses on football fans, so the gameplay itself is quick and exciting. Just launch the game and wait for the next betting period to begin. There are no limited seat numbers, so you can join the fun anytime. Football Studio Dice aims to accurately predict which set of dice will roll a higher total of two dice. There are three main betting options – Home, Away, and Draw.

How to play Football Studio Dice?

This should be pretty easy to figure out. You win if you bet on Home and the two Home dice have a higher total than Away. The same is true for Away bets, which need Away dice to win the clash. If both pairs of dice roll the exact total, the round is declared a Draw.

Once the betting period is over, two dice will first be rolled – one from Home and one from Away. Seconds later, the remaining two dice roll, and the results are summed and compared. Play Football Studio Dice Live at Banzai Slots Casino today and enjoy their wager-free welcome bonus!


Football Studio Dice Betting Options

You’ve probably already concluded that this easy live game show doesn’t burst with side bets and betting options. However, this doesn’t mean the betting options are dull, and payouts are not attractive.

The main betting fields in Football Studio Dice game show are HOME, AWAY, and DRAW. While the first two bets have just one payout value, the DRAW or a tie can have different payouts depending on the dice result. Here is the complete list of bets and payouts:

  • HOME: if it wins, the payout is 1:1
  • AWAY: the payout is the same, 1:1
  • DRAW: if the two-dice total for each side is 12, the payout is 80x
  • DRAW: other results, from 2-2 up to 11-11, pay 8x

Football Studio Dice Interface

Evolution is a live casino giant, so all its games are placed in opulent and high-tech studios. But, at the same time, the user interface is neat and easy to understand. The most important functionalities are on the betting board that is not cluttered with unnecessary information.

Football Studio Dice Interface

The main betting options are placed front and centre. The panel shows the First and Second Hals results for both “teams” – HOME and AWAY. But, here is also the option to bet on the DRAW, which is in the middle. Each section clearly shows payouts.

The betting area is nicely designed, with a red, gold, and blue colour scheme. The chips with different values are below this area.

To the right of the screen, you will find the winning history, allowing you to maybe spot some trend and bet on the winning side. On the left-hand side are live match updates that cater to football fans. You can check the live scores for different football matches and see news about upcoming games.


Football Studio Dice Extra Features

The Football Studio Dice game offers unique gameplay despite its simplicity. It has no real direct competition, and it focuses a lot on the football aspect of it. In other words, there aren’t many gameplay features to worry about. No side bets, no hidden mechanics – just a simple dice game.

It’s worth noting that the bottom left corner holds a sort of football news feed. You can follow the scores from your favourite games live, along with interesting snippets of football news. Moreover, the game presenters are there to engage the audience about their favourite topic – football.


Football Studio Dice Payouts

The two main HOME and AWAY bets always pay even money, meaning 1:1 winnings. The RTP of Football Studio Dice is 97.75% when these two bets are played.

The third main bet, the Tie, has a base payout of 8:1. If you happen to bet on a tie and both sets of dice show 12, the payout is instead increased substantially to 80:1. That said, the Tie bet is the weakest of the bunch with 95.68% RTP.


Football Studio Dice Final Words & Verdict

Evolution’s Football Studio and the games streamed from it are hard to judge on our usual metrics. It seems like the gameplay takes a back seat to the football news and discussions. Not that there’s anything wrong with the gameplay, mind you. It’s highly straightforward and doesn’t take much to understand or analyze.

Football Studio Dice is good for what it is – a lovely table to sit down and talk about your favourite pastime. We doubt those who aren’t fans of soccer will get a lot of time with the game, though. The game is fun without the whole theme but won’t hold your attention for long.


Football Studio Dice FAQ

What is Football Studio Dice?

Football Studio Dice is an entertaining football-themed game show from Evolution that delivers the excitement from the football fields to an easy dice game.

Do I need a strategy to play Football Studio Dice?

No, you don’t. This game show is based on a simple dice game and is a game of chance. It means that pure luck decides the results.

What is the maximum payout in Football Studio Dice?

The most profitable bet is the riskiest one – the DRAW. If you guess the tie will be a 12-12 on both sides, you can scoop up to 80x.

Can I play Football Studio Dice on my smartphone?

Sure, you can. The game is optimized for modern devices, and you can easily and quickly load it on your iOS or Android phone or tablet from the browser.