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Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming

Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming – In February 2017, Evolution Gaming finally launched their very first Lucky Wheel game and presented online players with a unique and mobile device-compatible Wheel of Fortune, designed with versatility in mind. Hosted by a live dealer, Dream Catcher Live retains the basic concept of the classic Wheel and introduces elements that target slot players and gambling rookies alike.

Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming
Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming

Are you a fan of roulette games? Do you enjoy taking your chances on red or black? If you enjoy fast-paced action, live Dream Catcher is undoubtedly worth a closer look.

This game combines all of the fun associated with traditional roulette alongside a user-friendly interface, generous multipliers and (naturally) a live online dealer.

There are still some questions to address if you hope to make an informed decision. What makes this game so unique? What bonuses can you enjoy?

What Dream Catcher players can access the best casinos? Let’s take a quick look at why Dream Catcher could be one of the best live games this year.

Dream Catcher Live is a casino game show from Evolution Gaming studios that is a “Money Wheel” game in which players have to guess the correct winning number simply. The wheel contains the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 and the 2x and 7x bonus multiplier spin segments. This is one of the most successful game titles from Evolution Gaming and for a good reason! It has a lot of ways to win it is visually stunning, and it provides an entirely exclusive gaming experience.


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How to Play Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is a standard “Money Wheel” game specially designed to appeal to slot machine players. The most prominent element in the game is luck, and slot players love it!

How to Play Dream Catcher?
Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming

Each game comes streamed live from some of Evolution Gaming’s European studios, which are based in the beautiful city of Riga in Latvia.

The studios are equipped with first-class gaming tables and essential Dream Catcher equipment, which in this case is the custom-made wheel.

All Evolution Gaming wheels, whether the famous TCSJOHNHUXLEY creates Roulette or money wheels.

In addition, Dream Catcher has some of the most attractive live dealers you will ever see. They entertain the players with amusing comments and try to interact with them when spinning. The dealers are essential in the game, and some believe that certain dealers are luckier than others. That’s why some dealers or hosts are especially loved by players, as they have a “gift” for getting the “winning spin”.

All Evolution Gaming products are licensed and regulated by reputable regulatory bodies and include Dream Catcher as well. These bodies include the AGSS (Alderney Gambling Control Commission), MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and UKGC (The UK Gambling Commission).


Dream Catcher Live Strategies

To be clear, any game of roulette is based heavily upon luck. Dream Catcher Live is no different in this manner. There are no magnets, telekinetic dealers or “wizards” behind the curtain. The chances of landing upon a single slot (there are 54 in total) are, therefore, equal.

Dream Catcher Live Strategies

However, there is also an important point to make. Most standard roulette wheels have 37 slots (numbered between 0 and 36). Dream Catcher Live supplies 52. This means that the numbers described previously (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40) will repeat more times per spin. So, there are two main approaches to consider:

  • Wager on frequently repeating numbers (1 and 5) with higher amounts.
  • Place lower amounts on less-frequent values (such as 20 and 40).

It can still be argued that the best way is to take a “middle-of-the-road” option. In other words, spread your wagers across both high and low values. A final suggestion is to keep an eye on the historical chart that displays all previous hits. This can be a somewhat helpful way to determine what number is likely to emerge (although each value, including the multipliers, share the exact statistical probabilities)


Dream Catcher Live Game Features

Dream Catcher Live is a perfect game for players, as there are no losing fields on the wheel. This is because there are no wheel pockets on which all bets would be considered losing. In live Roulette, for example, if the ball lands in the zero pockets, all players lose their bets. In Dream Catcher, players must pick which number the wheel will stop on. The options here are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The payout corresponds to the number if the player bets on the correct number. This means that 1 pays out 1 to 1, 2 pays out 2 to 1 and so on.

Dream Catcher Live Game Features
Dream Catcher Live By Evolution Gaming

Players are thrilled when the wheel stops on the 2x or 7x bonus spin multiplier segments. These offer the chance to land some super significant wins!

Dream Catcher Live is filmed from a state-of-the-art multi-camera studio. This means that the final product that live casino operators and players get is top-notch.

All light and sound effects are fully synchronized to match the action. This is essential when providing that kind of immersive gaming experience.

Each round starts with the dealer and wheel in focus. When the wheel starts spinning, the dealer attempts to entertain the players so the dealer is still in focus. However, when the wheel slows down, the focus shifts entirely to the wheel. Once the winning number is announced, light and sound effects signal that it is time to start celebrating!

The video stream is in HD, but players must have a decent internet connection to get the best possible quality. However, even if they don’t, the quality of the stream is still satisfactory. In these situations, the stream quality is adjusted automatically so that very little is lost in visual appearance.


Dream Catcher Live Volatility

The Volatility describes the amount of variation from the theoretical RTP that you can expect for any particular spin. This is directly related with the amount of risk a particular game requires from its players. It helps to give you an idea of what kind of gameplay you can expect from a game.

Like RTP, Dream Catcher’s volatility changes based on which numbers you bet on.

  • If betting on the smaller numbers, the game will have lower volatility since they are more common. Just like low-volatility slots, however, the payouts will be low.
  • The volatility will be much higher if you’re betting on the more significant numbers. It will be rarer and more difficult for you to land a win, but if you do, it will be much more significant.

This type of setup provides an exciting way to play. Adventurous and non-risky players can play with completely different playstyles on the same game, experimenting without committing a whole session to a specific volatility level.

Dream Catcher Minimum & Maximum Bets

The minimum and maximum bets allowed for Dream Catcher live depend on the casino carrying the game. We can still give a general idea, though. Take advantage of the WolfyCasino welcome bonus that is wager free!


Most times, casinos will set the Dream Catcher minimum bet as small as 0.10€/$. On the other hand, the max bet is generally between €/$1000-€/$5000.

This is quite the range, allowing players to try their hand at this prize wheel. We recommend you check out the specific casino limits before placing any bets. This’ll ensure you’re not in for any surprises you weren’t ready for!

Dream Catcher Maximum Win

So, let’s say you do manage to stack more than a couple of multipliers on top of each other and play on the winning bet. What’s the maximum win the game allows you to have? The answer is a limit of €/$500,000!

This’ll be tough to get to, but it is possible. We think that it’s enough to catch anyone’s dreams!