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Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming

Deal or No Deal Live game is an entertaining live dealer game by Evolution Gaming. Based on a popular TV show, this game holds an attraction with the world of online gamblers. We will discuss the game at some length in our dedicated Deal or No Deal Live review.

Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming
Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming

In this Deal Or No Deal Live Review, we’ll highlight the gameplay, features and other qualities that make this game show a popular addition to virtual gaming. Learn how to play Deal or No Deal from your country. 

Each Deal or No Deal Live round starts with the qualification round. Place your bet and spin the wheel. Your goal is to land the golden segments on the upper section of the wheel. Players can raise their chance of qualifying by decreasing the difficulty. This increases your bet but guarantees you will get a ring every spin. Buying one ring increases your wager by 3x and two rounds by 9x.

After qualification ends, players enter the Top Up stage. This is an optional section. Players do not have to place these additional bets if they do not want to. Until the qualification round ends for everyone, you can keep spinning the wheel. This will add to the cash prizes already present in the briefcases. There is no limit on how many times you can play Top Up. However, once the timer runs out, the Top Up ends.

You are probably wondering – why you would want to play this game. From our experience with the game and the studio, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking for excitement and fun, alternative play, and an opportunity to pursue decent winnings.


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Deal or No Deal Live RTP

First things first. The game comes with a decent 95% return and a 4.58% house edge. Once again, Evolution Gaming has ensured that you don’t have to bet too much to get started. 0.10€ is quite enough to make a qualifying bet, and trust us, you do not have to go higher with this game, but you can, of course 🙂

This gives players quite a bit of space and freedom to play around with any budget they have. If you want to pursue slightly bigger and higher-risk gameplay, you can bet a maximum of 10€ on your turn. Either way, you will find the game to give you sufficient control over your funds, and that’s important.


How To Play Deal or No Deal Live?

The game feels and plays the same way as the TV format. Let´s put it this way, you have a host guiding you through the game, and every once in a while, the host will receive a call from the Banker, a mysterious behind-the-scenes entity who decides how much to offer you.

Before entering the actual Deal or No Deal Live game, you will have to jump through a few hoops. This may look a little confusing to a new player, but it will quickly become second nature.

Deal or No Deal Live Qualification Round

How To Play Deal or No Deal Live?
Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming

This round features a vault with three congruent gold rings. The aim is to lock in all three sections to create a solid gold wedge. You have a choice of three modes:

Normal – You must lock in all three sections of the vault. Your bet remains at face value. 

Easy – With one section of the vault locked, you must land the remaining two. Your bet increases by three. 

Very Easy – Two sections of the vault are locked in, leaving one for you to acquire. Your bet increases by nine.

Before you spin the wheel, you select one of 16 briefcases in which to place your bet. Once you’ve done this, choose your mode, and spin the wheel. You have two minutes to play this round. For each spin, the bet amount increases the value of your chosen briefcase. If you don’t manage to qualify within those two minutes, you must wait for the next qualifying round to start. You have two minutes for this round. It’s not mandatory, and you can choose to skip it if you

Here is what you need to do in Deal or No Deal Live:

The qualification process – To qualify for and enter the game, you must spin a wheel of fortune and align three identical segments to unlock the next step. There is a limited time during which you can qualify, but if you fail, you can start over.

Topping up the suitcases – Once you qualify, you will be offered a chance to add more money to the 16 suitcases. Basically, in this round, you can pick any of the suitcases, place a bet, and then spin the wheel to add to the prize amount.

Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming

The real Deal or No Deal Live game round – After completing the previous two steps, you can now open the suitcases. The Presenter will open three suitcases, and each suitcase will contain a number corresponding to a prize, which will then be removed from the pool.

Once this is done, the Banker will call to make his first offer. The next two rounds will open four suitcases and, the fourth round will come with three suitcases opened. This is the moment the Banker will make his final deal before you open one of the two remaining suitcases.

The sooner you open up the smaller amounts, the faster the Banker will start making more notable offers.

However, you always run the risk of actually hitting the big amounts before you do the small ones. If that is the case, the Banker wouldn’t be so generous. Overall, you have 16 briefcases to choose from. Take advantage of the welcome bonus at Hazcasino before starting your Deal or No Deal Live session!


What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal is the live online adaptation of the television game show that goes by the same name. Released in 2019, this casino game is a collaboration between Evolution Gaming and the Endemol Shine group. The game brings you a presenter-led virtual show that incorporates RNG elements. 

While an entertaining live host presents it, all the outcomes in Deal or No Deal live are produced by a Random Number Generator, which randomly ‘chooses’ which briefcases are discarded and which multipliers are activated.


Deal or No Deal Live Game Strategy

Even Deal or No Deal Live is a fantastic game. There is no real strategy you can reliably follow to guarantee yourself consistent results. That shouldn’t discourage you in the slightest, though. The essence of the game is still there – you stand a chance to win a decent amount if you are lucky enough.

Remember when you wished to be drafted and have a chance to play at the real Deal or No Deal TV show? There is no need now because you will join the game whenever that works for you. We are all excited about having the best opportunities to play our favourite games on the market. And so, Deal or No Deal Live is available at all Evolution Gaming casinos.