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Crash X Game by Turbo Games

Crash X Game by Turbo Games is a brand-new multiplier game that was released in March 2021. This game takes its beginnings from the original game, which was one of the first multiplier games called JetX, which is a development of SmartSoft Gaming. If you wish to learn more about this game click here.

The game is relatively basic when we are talking about the game’s user interface as well as the controllers, but it is a great deal of fun as well as if you are searching for some added excitement, this is the multiplier game for you. When playing the Crash X game, you will be able to play the game with one or two bets simultaneously.

Crash X Game by Turbo Games

Currently, you may be thinking, as the game has a relatively high RTP of 95.00%, what can the biggest win be in this brand-new multiplier game? The interesting point is that the game does not have one, so generally, it can be anything!

When we were examining and testing the game, we gained one win of 721.52x with a 1€ bet which was the biggest we have managed to win, and that was cool.

Still, just before cashing out, we did lose the multiplier win, as did not cash out fast enough as we did hope to beat the 876.32x win what we saw another player win just a few rounds before. But well, what did we learn, do not be greedy!

When playing the Crash X Game you will certainly have the ability to set your wagers from 0.10€ up to 100€ also as the game is a multiplier game, it does not have a maximum win set and this means that the spaceship can just keep going.

Yet we need to remember that this is extremely rare. Yet when we were testing the game and making this game review, we managed to nearly win 511.83x but, unfortunately, we did lose the bet, as the spaceship did explode. We have to say that this game is a great deal of fun!


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Crash X Game Controller

The Crash X Game Controller is extremely clear and optimal for new players as it is also very simple. You have your controller at the bottom of the game, and there on the right, you will find the place to put your nickname and then some stats like how many games you have played and for how long have you been playing as well as you will be able to see the average multiplier(s) won.

image 293

Now that you are familiar with your controller, we can start with what you must do before starting the game.

Before the game round starts, you will have to decide if you want to set an “Auto Cashout” or not and if you do want to set it up, you will have to choose the multiplier that can be from 1x – 1000x and then you will have to decide if you want to make one or two bets.


Placing a bet on Crash-X Game

You can make one or two bets per game round and you can bet between 0.10€ and 100€ per bet as said, you can play with one or two bets, so the maximum you can bet per one game round is 200€.


Crash X Game on Mobile

Do you like to use a mobile or tablet? If this is so, you will be happy to hear that you are in luck as the Crash-X game can be played on all devices as well as it is totally mobile-optimized for both iPhone and Android as well as Windows phones.

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When the crash-X game was created, the game studio wanted to ensure that it could be played on all mobile phones as well as on a computer, keeping in mind that all players equally will have the best possible gaming experiance

Turbo Games has done a great job creating this multiplier game. Play the Crash X Game at Kryptosino today and take advantage of their wager-free welcome bonus!

When we were examining the game we did our tests with both an Android phone and an iPhone, and we can assure you that the gaming experience was equally as great on both!


How to Play Crash-X Game?

As stated before in the game review, the CrashX game is relatively simple to play, but as we have done a full review on this casino game we will explain exactly how to play the crash-x multiplier game as well as what you need to do to be able to have some enjoyable moments while playing the Crash X Game as well as winning the multipliers and hitting the bigger wins!


How to play Crash X Game?

When you open the game, we will recommend that you click the ⚙️(Options selection) and afterwards, you can create your nickname and afterwards you can select if you wish to play the game with the audios on or off as well as if you wish to have the game animations active or not?


Crash X Game Wagers & Bets

Now that you know the basics of the game, you are ready to establish your wagers. You can play the game with one or two wagers at the same time. This will help you if you want to win. you can set the first initial bet at 2.00€ and afterwards the 2nd bet to 4.00€. By having two wagers at the same time, you will have a bigger chance of winning if you happen to lose the other one.


This will undoubtedly as well help you to ensure that if you “Cashout” the initial bet then you can gamble with the second bet and win more or then if you happen to lose it, this will not matter as much as you have won your bets back.

If you wish to play in the “AutoSpin” mode, this feature is available when playing the Crash X Game as the controllers have this option. You can establish the “AutoCashout” to anything from 1x to 1000x.

By doing this you can simply lay back and appreciate the game if you wish to play so. We do suggest that play it without it as it is far more unique by do this!


Crash X Game Stats & Information

Game StyleMultiplier/Crash Game
Game StudioTurbo Games
Game ThemeSpace
Minimum Bet0.10€
Maximum Bet100.00€
Return To Player95.05%
Available PlatformsMobile, Computer, Tablet

Crash X Game Martingale Method

The Martingale strategy is really popular with numerous online casino gamers and land-based casino players. The Martingale methods concept is fundamental. Every time you lose a bet, you increase your bet by doubling the initial bet amount until you win.

Crash X Game Martingale Method

Bet 1€ and if you lose, after that bet 2€, if you lose once again, after that you bet 4€, and if you lose once again, after that you will bet 8€ and if you win.

You have actually won a total of 15€ in bets as well as have actually won 16€ on your last round. This means that you have won 1€ from the past game rounds.

This does not seem like a whole lot, yet if the bets are larger, after that the wins will certainly bet a lot bigger, and you will gain much more. The advantage is that you will constantly win more than you have actually lost if you use the Martingale strategy when playing the CrashX Game.


The limitations of the Martingale

Martingale is a dangerous strategy for several factors. The initial one is that a lot of casino establishments prohibit it in their terms&conditions. The second one is that you require a larger bankroll to be able to play this way.


Crash X Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I play Crash X Game free of charge?

Yes, you can play the game in the “free mode/demo mode” at one of our recommended online casinos. This way you can understand and learn how the game works and how have the best chance to win the multiplier.

Can I play Crash X Game on a mobile device?

Yes, this game has actually been completely optimized for mobile devices and to work with all mobile operating platforms including iOS and Android along with all the other various tablet devices.

What sort of a game is Crash X Game?

The Crash-X Game is a multiplier online game, where you will have to select your bet and afterwards the multiplier will grow as the game starts and you will need to guess when to plane will explode. If the aeroplane takes off before the bets have been set, you will need to wait for the next round.

What is the minimum bet in Crash X Game?

The minimum bet is 0.10€/$ as well as you can bet with 1 or 2 bets in every game round.

How does the gameplay of the Crash X online casino game work?

Once you place your bet or bets, you’ll get to track a spaceship flying around. The displayed bet multiplier will keep increasing as it does, and you want to click the Cash Out button before it crashes.

What is the optimum bet in Crash X Game?

The optimum bet is 100€/$ as well as you can bet with 1 or 2 bets in every game round.

Where can I play Crash X Game?

We recommend you to play on the following trustworthy Online Casino: