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Cash or Crash Live By Evolution Gaming

Cash or Crash Live By Evolution Gaming – Cash or Crash Live by Evolution is an online live dealer casino game released in 2021. It boasts an RTP of 99.59% with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a $1,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is the latest TV show-like live casino game by Evolution.

There is little doubt by know as to how far ahead in the live casino game Evolution are by now. The amount of innovation we’ve seen from their studio in the past few years is astounding. In this Evolution Cash or Crash review, we’ll take a look at their newest hit release.

Cash or Crash Live By Evolution Gaming

Cash or Crash Live by Evolution is the latest exciting live casino game show by one of the world’s biggest software providers. It offers a completely unique concept and format unlike anything else we’ve seen in the industry.

Cash or Crash uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to take players onboard a virtual blimp. Massive payouts are hidden above the clouds, and only the boldest players can climb the 20-step ladder!

Although it does not feature the famous money wheel, the Cash or Crash casino game was made in the same spirit as Crazy Time and Monopoly. If you look closely, you can even see the same animated landscape in the background! More importantly, though, the dedication to giving the players a great spectacle is what makes these games so eye-catching. Cash or Crash by Evolution is worth a shot solely because there’s nothing remotely like it. And even if you don’t like it, the whopping 99.59% RTP will ensure you won’t lose too much.


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How to Play Cash or Crash Live?

While the overall spirit of the game is quite unique, nothing is daunting about playing it. After all, it’s intended to be a more casual experience, not a hard-boiled gambling game. The betting period lasts for about 20 seconds and doesn’t involve a lot of decision-making. The only call you need to make is whether you want to buy in and set the size of your stake.

How to Play Cash or Crash Live?

Once the wagers are in place, the core of how Cash or Crash Live works will kick off. Essentially, the players are climbing a ladder displayed at the center of the screen.

Each time a green ball is drawn from the drum in the middle, you’ll advance one step upwards. Each step comes with increased payouts, so it’s all about not losing your nerve.

However, if a red ball is drawn, you’ll lose the wager and any money you still haven’t cashed out. The only third option is a golden ball – one of the special Cash or Crash Live features.

Each time a green or gold ball is drawn. However, you have the decision to make. You have three options:

  • Continue – stay in the game with your entire stake.
  • Take Half – cash out half the amount currently in play.
  • Take All – take all the cash and withdraw from the round.

Essentially, the goal of the game is to Take All before the red ball is drawn and the blimp crashes. As mentioned previously, each player can make decisions independently. If you cash out and the game keeps going, you’ll get to sit back and observe what everyone else is doing.

Live Casino Best Tips for Cash or Crash Live

  • The Golden Ball gives players an extra “life”, meaning you’ll be able to hit a red ball and keep playing.
  • Keep in mind that the further you climb, the higher your chances of crashing. After all, there are fewer green balls.
  • Cash or Crash RTP is the highest we’ve seen in a game show-type title. In other words, it can be profitable in the long term.

Cash or Crash Live Special Features

The ball drum contains one special golden ball that breaks up the simplicity of the green/red system. This ball can impact your decisions in a major way. First of all, the Gold Ball multiplies all winnings going forward. The exact increase has not been revealed yet, but it’s clear it can almost triple the returns.

Cash or Crash Live Special Features

More importantly, this Evolution Cash or Crash bonus feature offers a sort of “shield”. Essentially, it allows you to draw one red ball and continue playing. From the players’ perspective, this looks like a sort of bonus round in which the blimp keeps climbing until a red ball is drawn. No player decisions are necessary – you keep moving forward since there’s no risk involved.

Evolution live dealer games have been known to offer quite a show, but this one takes it on a whole new level. As you climb up the payout ladder, the augmented reality in the background will take you on a flying journey. Most of the game’s studio appears to be covered in a colorful display of a cartoony cityscape. Beyond that, you can also find a result history in the lower right corner.


Cash or Crash Live Languages

  • Games like Cash or Crash require massive studios and a ton of effort for a successful stream. As such, we can safely assume that it will be presented strictly in English. However, as always, players are given the option of changing the UI languages.
  • With Evolution live casinos, your options include English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Cash or Crash Live Features

Cash or Crash Live is suitable for all player types. Everyone has a fair chance of winning or losing, regardless of the betting amount. It all comes down to decisions made by each player. The game uses a ball selection machine randomly selecting a coloured ball that either let you move up on the ladder or ends your casino game. Once you reach the top of the ladder, you can win up to 50,000x your bet amount.

Cash or Crash LiveCash or Crash has the same ability to display results of previous rounds as Evolution’s previous live casino games. You can see which balls have been drawn from the previous draws and what color those balls were.

Cash or Crash Live Features

Another great feature about Cash or Crash Live is that it can set to Auto Play, making it highly convenient for those who enjoy long gaming sessions.

The game also features live dealers, a significant advantage because it allows players to witness their game in a very authentic setting. Cash or Crash Live has presenters professionally trained to engage with gamers.

The fact that you can gain an extra life utilising the golden ball is one of the great features, as it allows you to continue playing the game after a red ball has been drawn. Cash or Crash Live is also available on mobile devices for those players who need more accessibility and would like to play at any time of day, wherever they are, whether on the bus, at home or even in a coffee shop.

A large variety of online casinos offer Cash or Crash live, and within those casinos, each will have a range of various payment methods to ensure that each player can find at least one payment method that suits all their needs. Some popular payment methods include E-wallets, bank and card transactions, and prepaid cards.


Cash or Crash Live Strategy

This game is pretty simple and easy to comprehend. Therefore, the basic knowledge you need to win massively is to decide wisely. That is, you need to decide whether to take all, take half, or continue. Since this game is of high variance, you can expect many small and massive wins that appeal to you. When weighing the winning cash or crash strategy, most people choose the best low-risk strategy, which is to cash out as soon as you win small or massively – take all.

Cash or Crash Live Strategy

Although this might make the game a little boring, you will not lose money. For people that can afford to take some risk, the half take is the perfect option to select. When you decide to take half of your wins, you still need to move up two levels to break even. Once you’ve reached this recommended level, you can begin to play with free money. So, even if you lose at this point, it is not a loss on your end. One of the best strategies for winning and making profits in this game show is to bank half of the winnings and use the other half to continue the game.

Evolution also recommends a strategy to players interested in the cash and crash casino game. The strategy is to take the balls up to level nine and cease playing. However, if it is the case that you get a golden ball, you can continue with the game until you get a red game that signifies the end of the game.

Still in the process of learning this game at Live casinos, there are some short betting strategies that you can utilise to boost your gameplay. Here are some cash or crash strategies:


Cash or Crash Live Take Half Strategy

This strategy entails playing until you have doubled your bed, about two steps to the ladder. When you decide to take half your winnings at this point in the game, you are taking back your wager, so no loss is guaranteed. If you continue winning, then Cash or Crash your winnings will only increase by half. Al, you can take chances and initiate to climb as high as you can up to 9000x or 25000x win.


Cash or Crash Live Percentage Strategy

Before drawing, it is possible to see the odds for every coloured ball. Due to this percentage, it is possible to make a calculated guess on whether to continue with the game or put an end to it. When the percentage for a red ball nearly equals the green ball, you can swiftly cash out all your winnings and end the game. If you haven’t taken any winnings at this point, it is best to withdraw half and take the risk of hoping for a higher cash or crash multiplier.


Cash or Crash Live First Ball Strategy

This is a cash or crash RTP strategy where you cash out after drawing your first ball. You get 1.2x of your bet from the first ball cash outdrawn. This strategy is suitable for players with the patience to continue playing the same game for a while. Although, taking your win early in the game means you have to wait some minutes for a new game to begin. Yet, it is possible to pick if you want to win consistently and minimise your loss.


Cash or Crash Live Official Evolution Gaming Strategy

The software provider of this game, Evolution Gaming, also has its recommended strategy for players to win massively. Evolution Gaming strategy for Cash or Crash Live states that you should proceed drawing the balls until you reach the ninth level, and then you can halt. Continue until you get a red ball if you receive a golden ball at the initial stage of the game.


Cash or Crash Live Casino games use a Bingo type of machine to decide the result of the game rounds. Since there is no limit to how many people can play simultaneously, everyone can come on board to play and enjoy the game.

You may need to wait for a new game to begin when you take all your winnings or if you have just loaded the game. So, if you are not the patient type, you may need to reconsider opting for Cash or Crash games because this is a waiting game.

Cash or Crash Live casino game is a part of the blockbuster games from the software provider Evolution Gaming, and it has the right to be a part of the top list. Players can potentially land an 18,000x win up to a 50,000x win. Also, the attractive option is banking your stake and freerolling for more wins. Therefore, this game offers considerable winning potential with limited risk. This is one game you don’t want to miss out on, so try it out! Play Cash or Crash Live at Haz Casino today and take advantage of their wager-free welcome bonus!


Cash or Crash Live Payout

The Cash or Crash RTP (Return to Player) percentage is 99.59%, calculated on accumulating all winnings on the first ball. The maximum payout totals 18,000x your bet if no golden balls are drawn. However, the maximum payout totals 50,000x your bet if you draw a golden ball.

At the start of each Live Cash or Crash game, twenty-eight balls are always available in the machine – nineteen green, one golden and eight red balls. The odds for drawing green or red balls can be viewed on the screen. The more you climb the ladder, the more green balls become vacant from the machine. Hence, the probability of drawing a red ball increases.


Cash or Crash Live Final Words & Verdict

There may not be a bonus round in Cash or Crash Live, but there is still plenty of excitement on offer with players left pondering whether they should collect what they have, or risk it for a little bit more. The percentage meter is handy, and we urge you to take full advantage of this. If the odds are stacked up against you, then it might be the time to jump off with the winnings before you find yourself back on the ground with nothing to show for it. 

For the enormous wins to take place on this game, it's going to have to take a player that has firm nerves indeed. Towards the top of the prize ladder, your chances of hitting a winning ball will diminish, but if you can hit that lucky yellow ball when you're high, the odds might start to swing in your favour. Will you hit the cash or join the crash? Claim one of our recommended bonuses and find out!